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Tintoretto is painting at Santo Tirso brings together art historians in colloquium – Culture


"This is the work of the Tintoretto, father and son, Jacopo and Domenico Tintoretto," said art historian Vítor Serrão, specialist of the University of Lisbon Letters Faculty, explaining "from a certain point Jacopo began to work with pupils," and the son of Domenico has finished this painting, "and painted in the final phase of his life after 1580."

The "Adoration of the Magi" painting, which will be displayed at Singeverga Penastery, in the Oporto area, will be a colloquial theme on Saturday at the Abade Pedrosa Civic Museum, with the presence of specialists in art history.

"This is a high quality work that has recorded well, knowing where it came from, and its expert opinion in 2007 [que envolveu técnicos do Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga] leaves no doubt, "Vítor Serrão added work that included" a study of materials and laboratory, with the support of the Catholic Catholic University, who proves to have been a painting by Jacobo, at the end of his career. "

Emphasizing that it was "very important for Portugal to have a picture of these, of unexpected value, and that on an outstanding sale would reach an auction," Vítor Serrão praised the fact that the "job" is not in the market ", but rather" in a public place, ..) have been installed very well, so everyone can see it ".

It was asked for what works as a sixteenth century painter, the art historian explained "the fact that the Italian art of the Renaissance is Portuguese, but Florentine, Roman, Veneto, there is nothing "to interpret the work.

"This picture comes from northern Italy and his author has a very artistic vocabulary himself, because he is in Rome to see the work of Michelangelo, but keeps faithfulness to the features of the Titian picture [Vecellio], from North, "he added.

"The light work and color that makes it a special type of painting, which makes it an incredible picture in a specific type of education in Italian modality," he said.

While continuing with a report on the oil painting with 5,24 meters of compliance and 2,25 meters, Vítor Serrão said it was "such a work" [muito rápida], as said at the time, "stating" that the picture had very good moments, with the wise men appearing on the left, while the portrait of the trader who ordered him to do so just next to the Virgin Mary . "

The painting of a church destroyed during the Baroque period, which was passed after his hand and came to Portugal as a war, probably during the Second World War, "he said.

The painting "The Adoration of the Magi" is the only work of Tintoretto in Portugal and has continued, for decades, in the ownership of the family of the Lisbon banker Jaime Pinho.

As well as the current painting at Singeverga, Tintoretto painted two more with the same subject, one of them at the Prado Museum, in Madrid, the other in Scuola Grande di San Rocco, in Venice .

Tintoretto's best known Jacopo Robusti, was one of the most radical makers of Mechanism. Named as "Il Furioso" by the energy of its canvases and through the effects of light that included, it became a predecessor of the Baroque.

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