Monday , July 4 2022

The USA raises a ban on Huawei, but is temporarily limited and very limited


The last few days have been constant in the US attack on Huawei. The Chinese company was not able to do business in the US and with companies in that country. Of course, this led to technological giants breaking links they had set up.

After seeing Google, Intel and Qualcomm are leaving the Chinese company, good news has now come. The US lifted the ban on Huawei, but only temporarily and to a limited extent.

Huawei US China infrastructures ban

The news came a short time back and shows that the US has a high reliance on the Chinese company after the whole of the US. There are many infrastructures that support the country and this has now forced some special measures. It is unexpected that everything changes again.

Huawei can return to operating in the United States

In order to continue to support existing systems, which operators use and also the smartphones themselves, the Department of Commerce has made an exception. On a temporary and limited basis, US companies can return to work with Huawei.

This will be in place for 3 months and will run until 19 August. During this time Huawei continues to fail to buy American technology for new products. However, you can support the products you have on the market.

Huawei US China infrastructures ban

Infrastructure support is guaranteed

This way, you will be able to launch updates for the systems used, namely smartphones and other devices. This is also how Huawei can maintain its relationship with Google, Intel, Qualcomm and many others.

As well as the brand users of the brand, at the global level, those who will benefit most from this opening are telecom operators and rural areas. They made a lot of their infrastructure in Huawei equipment.

If trade links between China and the US do not change over the next 90 days, this restriction will be applied again and everything will return to the initial form. So Huawei has a 3 month break to finish a lot of his products. This scenario is not expected to be completed and we expect all this confusion to be resolved quickly.

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