Tuesday , May 24 2022

The sweet smell of cake! LG G7 One brand brand first to receive Android 9.0 feet


Officially launched last August by Google, Android 9.0 Pie already provides the most varied devices of the most diverse brands. Companies like Sony, Xiaomi, Motorola and even, who would say Samsung and Huawei already have handsets with the latest version of the installed system or at least tested programs Very advanced for short update.

However, LG is not one of those. Despite launching a new software center for faster updates last June – almost two months before Android Pie is officialized, the company maintains its reputation as being one of those Last in providing updates for Android on their devices. But this may be about to change. At least that is what we expect.

According to the LG G7 One owner in Canada, your device has recently updated the new version of the system. With about 812 MB, the update brings the device released in this third half of this year to Android 9.0. However, as encouraging as the smartphone owners news, it does not give us an accurate perspective to make the upgrade available to other brand units, even for the other G7 variations .

That is because, as the use of a name suggests, the G7 in question is Android "Pure"Without major modifications to the interface on behalf of LG, which theoretical should increase the speed for the upcoming news. With this, it's even possible to say that the update has really taken some time to get to the device, given the team's software version.

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When joining this fact is an official lack of hearing on behalf of LG, we can not say or even guess when a new version of Android is available for devices and brands, even the latest release, such as in the case of LG V40 and the LG G7 "normal".

For those with the G7 One, the upgrade is expected to be available soon for each device in the line. It is available through OTA ("Over the Air(I.e.On the Air"In a free translation) and it should be seen increasingly over the coming days or weeks.

The LG G7 One is not yet available in Brazil stores. I'll notify when it arrives.

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