Tuesday , January 26 2021

The Mayor of São Leopoldo throws cases of meningitis in the borough

Mayor of São Leopoldo Ary Vanazzi said on Monday that there is nothing meningitis cases in the Vale of Sinos borough. A press conference was held after two outbreaks of the disease were reported in the city. In addition, the agent stated that the Department of Municipal Health will acquire antibiotics and many vaccines against type B meningitis. Meningitis C has already been covered by the public health network vaccination list.

A second possible case of meningitis has been investigated since the weekend. The patient is a 13 year old girl who was referred to the Saturday morning Centenary Hospital. According to the management of the health home, the investigation action was taken. Given the need to go to a hospital in a pediatric ICU, the young woman was transferred to Regina Hospital, Novo Hamburgo, where she is in hospital. Ten days ago, a two-year-old girl from meningitis died on the Centenary.

As well as buying vaccines, Vanazzi has organized visits and talks with technical information for people and regions and the cases mentioned, such as at Amadeo Rossi State School, where the 13-year-old is studying, start this Tuesday.

Viral and bacterial meningitis has very similar symptoms. Patients are generally affected by sudden high fever, severe headaches, stiff neck and vomiting that are not related to food. "Children are affected by reddish rosacea, purple or spur. They are rare skin lesions that appear along with a high fever symptom. In this case, it is urgent to seek medical attention, t "said president of the Leograndense Philosophy Society, Alexandre Vargas Schwarzbold.

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