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"The Great Mystic Circus" reaches theaters 2 months after the nomination of Brazil for the Oscars – 11/15/2018


Two months after chosen by the Brazilian Cinema Academy to represent Brazil In the race for Oscar's nomination for a foreign film, the "Great Mystic Circus" reaches the theaters starting on Thursday (15). The epic drama, which made its first program in the world in May at the Cannes Film Festival, was also screened at Brazilian events such as Gramado, São Paulo Film Festival and Rio Festival.

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Brown Linzmeyer on the scene of "The Great Mystic Circus" Image: Disclosure

"The Great Mystic Circus", which is a fast break 12 years from Cacá Diegues to the address, has based on the poem of author Jorge de Lima (1893-1953), and is # 39 ; n mention misunderstanding members of a circus company. The same text had already inspired, in the early 1980's, Naum Alves de Souza's dance performance and human album by Chico Buarque and Edu Lobo. Some of the famous songs, such as "Beatriz", "The Story of LilyBraun" and "Ciranda da Bailarina" were incorporated into the movie.

In a lyrical fantasy tone, the movie follows a rich young man (Rafael Lozano) who falls in love with a diverse show performer (Bruna Linzmeyer). To prove his love, he gives a loved circus, where she can perform. A master of ceremonies of the name Celavi (Jesuita Barbosa) are responsible for telling the history of the trows for more than a hundred years.

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Brazil at the Oscars

The "My Great Circus" was chosen to represent Brazil in the Oscar nomination race in September by the Brazilian Cinema Academy, and its members celebrated the decision: "Needing poetry and magic on the world and the movie from Caca brings us to us: Brazil, music and joy. We thought it was a good choice, "said Lucy Barreto.

This is the seventh time that Cacá Diegues is chosen to represent Brazil at the awards. The first time in 1977 was "Xica da Silva", which was named again in 1980 with "Bye Bye Brazil", in 1987 with "Train for the Stars", in 1989 with "Days to Come" in 1997 with " Tieta do Agreste ", and in 2000 with" Spread ".

Nominating "The Great Mystic Circus" does not mean that Brazil is guaranteed at the Oscar ceremony on February 24th in Hollywood. Before that, in December, the Motion Picture Arts Academy and US Sciences will publish a pre-finalist list, which usually ranges from nine to ten titles. The final list with the five nominees for the best foreign film will be disclosed on January 22. If Brazil reaches this point, then the film will have genuine opportunities to win the Oscar.

A number of Brazilian films have already been nominated for the Oscar, but in the best foreign film category, only four productions have gone to the competition: "The Payer of Promises" (1963), "The Quatrilho" (1996), "What is That Companion?" (1998) to "Central do Brasil" (1999). Last year, Brazil was selected "Bingo: King of Mornings", but it could not be noted.

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