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The first deaths due to flu were confirmed in RS – RPI – Rádio Progresso de Ijuí


May 15, 2019

05/15/2019 l 22:31
Keller Duarte Steglich
05/15/2019 l 22:31

During this week, the Department of Health registered the first two deaths from flu in Rio Grande do Sul, two elderly people: one of the 71-year-old residents of São Gabriel and one of Barry's 79-year-old Ribeiro residents.

The diagnosis was confirmed by the State Center for Health Surveillance (Cevs) for influenza A-H1N1 and A-H3N2 virus types.

Health Secretary Arita Bergmann says the fact reinforces the importance of vaccination for the priority groups. "Deaths warn that people need to be vaccinated, especially children, who have had one of the smallest broadcasts so far," he said.

The latest 11-day death occurred in São Gabriel, with a 71-year-old man contracting the type of A-H1N1 virus. Previously, on May 2, the 79-year-old woman, who lives in Barra in Ribeiro, died after being admitted to the hospital in the capital and was diagnosed for H3N2.

Both were looking for care following the introduction of symptoms of respiratory discomfort, with cough, sore throat and fever. Both had to be transferred to ICU beds and they started treatment with the antiviral osatalamivir (the brand name Tamiflu). None of them were vaccinated this year, because the hospital happened before the start of the vaccination campaign for the elderly.

Both still had a risk factor. The resident of São Gabriel was diabetic, while the resident of Barra to Ribeiro had chronic immunity. Until this Wednesday (15), there were nine cases registered by the three types of flu virus, including these deaths.

Campaign goes until 31 May

This year's flu vaccination campaign started on April 10 for pregnant children and women and on April 22 for the other groups. The over 2.3 million doses applied to date represent a 60% broadcast. The aim is to reach 90% in each group. "The flu vaccine is 100% safe," Arita said.

The flu vaccination campaign runs until 31 May. About 1.5 million people still have to defend against the three most common types of flu virus (A-H1N1, A-H3N2 and B).

Priority group: applied doses (comment):

Children (6 months and under 6): 410 thousand (56%)
Pregnant women: 61.6 thousand (58%) t
Puerperas (women up to 45 days postpartum): 13.4 thousand (77%)
Health worker: 193 thousand (61%)
Native: 16,700 (66%)
Elderly: 1.1 million (73%)
Teachers: 83,300 (76%)
Population deprived of liberty: 12.2 thousand (33%) t
Officer prison system: 3,800 (72%)
Chronic patients: 427 thousand (44%) t
Police personnel and military personnel: 17 thousand (42%) t
Total in RS: 2,301,962 (60%)


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