Thursday , May 26 2022

TAP costs with double delays to 40 million by 2018 – Companies


The TAP chairman on Thursday, November 15, in Vila Nova de Gaia, calculated that the Portuguese airline "will spend 40 million more euros due to the delay, which is almost twice the value of 2017."

"It's a great penalty not only for customers who lose the connection, but also for the debts we have to pay for delays," said Antonoaldo Neves, who has been responsible since February this year.

Speaking to journalists on the outskirts of a JN conference on tourism for saudade, the manager admitted that "much of it was due to TAP." In order to reduce the delay, he said, the company has three contingent aircraft, which invests in the longest plane and new aircraft, has been part of the operations control center and "deleted shortage of crew. "

He asked why he does not take advantage of the air bridge to the other direction, starting more medium and long flights in Sá Carneiro, releasing traffic at the capital's capital airport, Antonoaldo Neves replied that "delayed part of the "and" no [pode] do not fly because [tem] challenges ".

"I can not give the best to train for race because today I still do not run well, I do not solve the problem by going to the problem , I have to face and attack the problem, and I am convinced that we will solve the Lisbon airport problem, "he added. .

Strengthening in Porto without losing flight in Lisbon

The carrier's president ensured that the number of trips that will be reached in the north of the country in 2019 "will be much more than the TAP ever received" here. Among others, the company has already announced new routes from the city of Invicta to Lyon, Brussels and Munich, and a flight to Newark (USA) will also take place six times a week.

TAP will also grow in Lisbon, there is room to grow in Lisbon. We do not see the operation in Porto as because it can not function well & # 39; in Lisbon, then he comes to Porto. "We see the call studies, we are looking at the supply and competition. We did not decide to go there [Porto] because here [Lisboa] not good. No, this is all part of the integrated TAP network strategy. It's much more important than deciding to take it from one side of the other. I'm not going anywhere, "Antonoaldo Neves finished.

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