Wednesday , May 25 2022

Suzuki is a Vitara external look tweaks


Bumper, grin, cap

He had bumper, grin, cap, mud coverings and make them customized on the 2019 line


The style change was carried out before, taking into account a new bumper and new grill, which is now perfectly ending that varies with the version. Hood and mud coverings have become more decorated, while LED lights are not previously in the Vitara line. 17 inch wheels and new LED flats complete redesign & appearance.

The Vitara comes with a sunscreen, full or part-time modern. In the cabin, the changes include a new instrument panel with a colorful TFT digital display. Highlight the multimedia system, which works with a 10-inch high definition screen.

The range consists of four versions and two powertrains: 4 Seren SE and 4Sport SE use 1.4 turbo propellers and have a full wheel drive; 4All SE and 4You SE 1.6 have the engine and front wheel drive.

With direct fuel injection, the 1.4 turbo develops 146 pp of power and 230.3 Nm of torque. In the 1.6, the performance is 126km and 163.6 Nm. The six-speed automatic transmission is compatible with each configuration.

The four-wheel drive system, of the name AllGrip Select by Suzuki, offers four approaches: Auto, Sport, Snow / Mud (for lowland and cars) and lock (which is Suitable for extreme situations). The Vitara still has stability control according to the standard.

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