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Study finds the connection between cell phone and brain cancer radiation


Health experts have been struggling for decades to determine whether cell phones can cause cancer or not.

Last week, the United States federal agency released the final results one of the world's most expensive experiments to investigate the issue. The study began in the presidency of Bill Clinton and cost $ 30 million, including about 3,000 brothers.

The experiment was carried out by the National National Wenwyneg Program and positive signs were detected, however, that radio waves of some types of cells could increase the risk of brain cancer in rats.

"We believe that the connection between radiation and male vole radiation is genuine," said John Bucher, senior scientist in the National Wenwyn Program.

However, he said a caution was required because exposure levels and constraints were much higher than those that someone would normally find, and therefore they can not be compared directly to the exposure that it is people face them

In addition, the study examined the visual effects of radio frequency associated with earlier technology of telephone technology, which ended unused from years ago.

Therefore, any concerns that emerge from the study would apply to people who were pioneers when using mobile phones, which used to end these models, rather than users of current models.

So far, experts argue that a small increase in cancer can have wide implications, as millions of people use mobile phones today.

The lowest level of radiation in the federal study was the largest exposure that US federal regulation allows for mobile users. This level of exposure rarely happens in the use of cell phones, according to the National Wenwyn Program. The highest level was four times the maximum.

The toxicology program had released a preliminary assessment of the findings of the study in May 2016, stating that radiation was a "likely cause" of brain tumors. In February of this year, preliminary text of the report came back from the relatively solid collection.

In March, a scientific review panel of 11 sectoral and academic experts voted to advise the agency to increase confidence in the result of "misleading statements" to "some signs" from a link between cell phone radiation and radio. brain tumors in male voles. (Rats showed no sign of a link between radiation and tumors.)

Experts say that unusual for cancer case patterns does not vary between the sexes, humans and animals.

Participants of radiators are exposed to radiation for nine hours a day for two years. The exhibition started before it was introduced and maintained until it was two years old.

From 2% to 3% of male rugs that are exposed to radiation have developed malignant gliomas, fatal brain cancer, against zero specimens in a control group.

On the other hand, many epidemiologists did not see an increase in the number of gliomas in the human population.

The study also found that between 5% and 7% of male rugs that are exposed to the highest level of radiation have developed certain specific cardiac tumors, called schwannomas malign, against zero in the management group Strawberry schwannomas are similar to acoustic niuromomes, small tumors that can get in humans, on the nerve that connects ear to the brain.

Rats were exposed to 900 megahertz frequency radiation, typical of the second generation of cell phones, in the 1990's when the study was planned.

Up-to-date devices of fourth generation devices, or 4G, and fifth generation devices (5G) are expected to come on the market by 2020. Their radio waves are much less successful in the penetration of people and mice bodies, scientists say.

Donald Stump, one of the participants, expressed concern about the fact that the "study" could be open to criticism that he had maintained with the current use of technology. "

The challenge, he added, is how to carry on experiments that are large enough to achieve significant results and at the same time sufficiently active to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the devices.

The toxicology agency builds smaller exposure chambers that will allow it to evaluate new technologies in weeks or months rather than years. These future studies will focus on measurable physical signs of the potential effects of radio frequency frequencies, including DNA damage, which can be detected faster than cancer.

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