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Student accommodation Higher Education Minister pledges new solution soon – Observer


The "specially critical challenge" and where "Much to" do still ". For this reason, Minister Manuel Heitor announced on Wednesday that a new solution was being studied to bridge the gap in student housing, had news until August. In May, the government introduced the National Housing Plan for Higher Education, but the response of 2200 new beds to 120,000 students has not been displaced far enough, as PSD MP Margarida Mano explained during the debate in the State Budget for 2019, who attended the Minister for Higher Education, Science and Technology in the Senedd.

"This is not a problem of Higher Education, it's a problem of housing, but it has become a problem of Higher Education," said Manuel Heitor. For the minister, this is a "critical problem" that can be solved solely with "joint effort". And for this combined effort calls for the help of higher education institutions and boroughs, with whom the government is trying to find a solution to the problem.

Of the 120,000 students who have been displaced, that is, those attending Higher Education institutions outside residential hardship, only 13% find accommodation solution in the offer of university residences.

"We have diagnosed the situation as we are We are implementing a housing plan for Higher Education that will be introduced shortly, using public credit lines, "said the minister. This will be a news, as the current housing scheme involves going to Fundestamo, a Parpublic group company, managing investment funds In real estate, organizations can provide the real estate for rehabilitation, which affects the use of university residence. The problem is that the number of properties available is small, not enough to give an answer to the capacity of a bed deficit to university students.

"We need to use and value a set of financial instruments, including a joint effort by local authorities and higher education institutions. It is absolutely necessary," said the minister, stating that for several decades Portugal has a "structural lack of residences" for students.

In the hemicile, alongside the minister, João Sobrinho Teixeira was also. "Do not neglect the construction of new homes, It's more interesting to the country to focus on what has already built. The recovery of real estate is that we focus our capacity, "explained the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education.

Sobrinho Teixeira also explained that the Government was looking at it "Where rehabilitation can be faster" to get short-term answers too and only after these will focus on the "slower recovery" of buildings. With this answer, the Secretary of State also hopes that the student community "will allow the restoration and animation of historic centers" of many cities in the country. "We're mapping, and we're asking Basic to know where recovery can be faster. We could have beds by next August," it ended.

To explain, the number of beds that could be created and, in fact, was one of the Silva Porfirio, PS questions. The minister was just developing he wanted to the increase was "substantial" and "affordable".

Already the PSD, by the voice of Margarida Mano, criticizes the path followed by the current government. "The government will spend three times more to compensate for lower fees than to invest in housing," said Orange senator. On the other hand, he remembered that the University of Lisbon "will build on its own, without government support, 1,700 new beds, which are almost as many as the beds the government has had; u publish for the whole country. "

Ana Rita Bessa asked the CDS this option of the executive, reminding the minister before he accused of pointing the finger into "ideological issues", which also "Marçal Grilo and Vital Moreira's dangerous claimants" The option of lowering the ceiling on the value of tuition fees has been criticized. As Social Democrats Margarida Mano had already done, he suggested that the bet should be made before the increase in social school action.

The defense of the measure to the Luis Monteiro block, who considered that "the maximum reduction of prpinas is an historical step", was "essential" to take this step as it "represents a universalistic version of what is" rule of law ". The deputy justified the right to just "wake up to the problem" only from student houses and the social action of a school and "How was the right to wake up now", the deputy took him more than a dozen projects of the Bloc referring to both subjects, plunged by the PSD and CDS.

"At the time when school fees are reduced, the right says they are worried about the social action of a school, but for seven years it has been screaming all the projects to reinforce social actions and create homes, "says the deputy, adding that PSD and CDS, as Margarida Mano did, can not blame the current government for the rise in house prices.

"They did a law that released rents and they are now surprised because rents have risen in recent years," added Luis Monteiro, concluding that the full meeting "It was going to be talking about amnesia problems, but in the health committee", as the right has forgotten all the proposals that have failed in recent years.

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