Wednesday , June 29 2022

Starting Canada can recreate Joe Rogan's voice perfectly using AI


Dessa, a Canadian company specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), was able to emulate voice. Joe Rogana famous American comedian and commentator. The digitally produced video with audio was published by the company's YouTube channel and can be viewed below: t


Research was commissioned which revealed the data from Microsoft

Joe Rogan is currently one of the world's most famous paddlers, has nearly 1,300 episodes. Joe Rogan's experience. There is also a narrator and comedian, so many people know his voice.

To reproduce the voice, Dessa used the technology with AI called RealTalk. This tool uses learn machine understand how the person speaks and can reproduce later. For the system to reproduce the voice with the similarity of type, many parts of Rogan's sound were used.

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"One of the most cool, but scary things I've ever seen in artificial intelligence. Unlike the Individual, which is this theoretical thing that could happen in 40, 100 years, speech synthesis will soon become reality everywhere. " – Alex Krizhevsky, chief architect of Dessa machine learning

This technology works like " tvoice clone"and one of the most realistic ones presented so far. This shows the evolution of technology, as it goes through the obstacles in reproducing images and videos and it's up to now." age producing sound.

In an interview for The Verge, Dessa said that she does not intend to explain details of the operation of her system, mainly because of the fear of malicious uses for the technology. Although this is a milestone for technological development, it is still necessary to be careful as it can be used to deceive people, such as phone threats and even increase false news flow.


The company believes that its audit can predict disease risk with up to 77% t

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The company is available on its original authors website and those produced by its RealTalk system. You can compare the two and even do a test to see if you can find out what the real voice is and what produced by the access to AI.

By: The Verge

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