Tuesday , May 17 2022

“Spouse of the boss’s son”


M.anuel Luís Goucha you are now discovering unknown facts about your history and your family history. Recently, in conversation with the mother, who has at this time At the age of 97, the presenter learned that his parents were married on the sly.

“My father’s family, the Gouchas, don’t agree with my mother’s marriage to my father. My mother is older than my father, my father was 20 and my mother 29 “, the presenter said in ‘You On TV’ this Friday.

“My grandfather owned the beauty salon where my mother worked. My mother fell in love and married the boss’s son”, he also reported, realizing that the parents “got married on the sly” and only left married couples take the union. “Outcome? They were fired,” the police force reported TVI, explaining that the father also works in the same room as a manager.

Marriage of Manuel Luís parents Goucharemember, it lasted for a few years. The two decided to take separate paths.

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