Wednesday , December 8 2021

Sport is winning a London point and perhaps a coach for the future Game Chronicle


Much has happened to Sport during the past two weeks. Other excellent games with bad games, dismissal & trainer and temporarily appointed while negotiating with another. And this interim, named Tiago Fernandes, managed on Thursday in the Emirates, which Jose Peseiro, with a similar strategy, failed two weeks ago in Alvalade. In the Emirates, Sport against Arsenal was held without collecting goals and leaving England with a pull (0-0) leaving the "lions" close to qualifying in Group E. Next time Sport returns to Europa League , a trip to Azerbaijan to face Qarabag, the trainer will already be in the Marcel Keizer Netherlands, which was confirmed shortly after the game, with a contract until June 2021.

If there is a movement that defines what Sporting was in Emirates, this was: in 78, the "lions", after Diaby's acceleration, won a corner. Bas Dost was already on the field and Choates and Mathieu went to the Arsenal area, which was more than capable in the air. And what happened? The corner kick was close, but the ball went a bit wide. He was given back until he reached the center circle. This was Sporting's only corner, a set ball that the "lion" could use to attack Cech's goal, but no. Because Sports is a formatting team to continue. And he did.

He has already noticed that Tiago Fernandes wants to make a good impression so that there can be at least a "leonine" list of "coaches to call in the event of a crisis". He started well in the Azores, against Santa Clara, who wanted to stay well in London, in front of one of the great Premier League teams. The great news was the presence of Miguel Luis young in the "eleventh", the first title of the recent European under 19 champion in a place that is usually in Battaglia, injured.

With 5,000 noisy "leonine" fans to make themselves in the Emirates, while still not making a mistake in the Arsenal Sports strategy that rested some of their favorites. Özil a Lacazzete or the bank, Aubameyang replaced and Welbeck was the first. It should be noted that Arsenal, as in the first round game, was not particularly certain, not very keen to achieve the goal, but with the merit not to let the respirator breathe.

Of course, the preventative strategy may have been stunned just after 17, with Coates unleashed a ball that led to the goal following a shot from Welbeck and beat Mathematics. Sport responded to a shot without great danger the next minute, but it was a rare thing through the game.

Soon before half an hour, Arsenal returned to tackle a risk, with Welbeck leading to the weak opposition of Bruno Gaspar. English fell sick and did not get up. He stayed for several minutes on the field and eventually left the piece, with a right leg after immersion, eventually being replaced by Aubameyang.

The second half continued, with Arsenal attacking and resisting Sport. Renan closed the scoring and Sport had to play the last minutes with ten, because of Mathieu's dismissal, for a foul on Aubameyang when moving into Gabonese alone. Even with ten, Sports suffered and Tiago Fernandes, who will still direct team against Er. Chaves can be proud of the legacy that will leave the Dutch successor.

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