Tuesday , July 5 2022

Samsung will produce one million smart foldable phones


Samsung has revealed the long part of the long-awaited Flex Infinity folding screen. This presentation was held during the programmers' annual conference.

During the presentation, Samsung's vice president of the surgeon of medicine, Justin Dennison, said the first foldable device will be produced gradually "over the next few months."

Meanwhile, as stated by Yonhap News, DJ Koh, Samsung Koh Koh mobile device manager during the conference, said the company will produce at least one million units and if the market response is good, Samsung is still producing more.

However, Koh said that this foldable device will not replace the current format used in the vast majority of smartphones (the Samsung W2019 is an exception). However, the work done by the company in developing smartphone is flexible. It can lead to future models with this new screen. He says Samsung will launch its device that doubled at the beginning of the first half of next year.

At the same time, Koh admitted that Samsung will not be first in the market with a folding phone!

Since FlexPai Royole was launched on October 31st. The device, which moves from a 7.8-inch tablet to a device of 4, includes top specifications and available starting at € 1,290. But Samsung official official also did not endorse the Royole FlexPai. Instead, he said, unlike the small California company that created the device, Samsung has given a bit of TLC (caring and care) to the user experience.

The new folding screen is called Samsung Infinity flex

The technology that allows this phone to become reality is called the Samsung Infinity flexible.

The device shown on the stage was a prototype! After wrapping in a thick box to stop seeing the final design. However, there was not much to hide.

Imagine two S9, one over the other. It will look more or less like the final screen.

When bending, the device looks like a typical smartphone, although it is a bit smaller and tighter.

The Android interface automatically changes between different designs depending on whether the device is "closed" or "open".

You can use all applications, as you would normally be on a normal phone, especially when it is closed.

However, when you open it, you will not lose anything. It's still working with the same application but it's different. Yes it will adjust to the size of the new screen even if it is the smallest or most.

If you're using Google Maps as the phone closes, when you open it, it will continue to show Google Maps that will be changed to match & # 39; the new scheme.

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