Monday , August 15 2022

PSD leader speaks on Sunday about the threat of the prime minister's resignation


The president of the PSD will speak Sunday in Porto about the threat of the prime minister's resignation if the teachers' total service time accounting is approved in a final vote in parliament, the party's source told Lusa.

The same source has not yet developed the time and place where Rio Rui will speak.

The leader of the Social Democrats should have been on a pre-campaign initiative in the European elections in Gondomar today, but his presence was canceled in the afternoon.

Speaking to the journalists in the venture, the head of the PSD list accused the Europe, Paulo Rangel, the prime minister of creating an "artificial crisis" which ensured that the national leadership will respond "right now". "to threaten the dismissal of Antonio Costa.

"I think it's strange that the dramatization and staging should be done by Prime Minister António Costa when, in the face of a serious case like Pedrógão fires, he is devalued – even on holiday on the time – when it was true that national sovereignty such as Tancos did not give importance or in the case of throwing serious suspicions, as for families, "he criticized.

On Friday, the First Minister announced that he had informed the President of the Republic that the Government will resign if full-time teacher accounting is approved in a final overall parliamentary vote after it was in the specialty on Thursday, only with votes against the PS.

Paulo Rangel was of the opinion that the question of full time teachers' account was "poorly framed" and argued that the PSD offer was "responsible" and "conditional", as economic growth t or financial consolidation, and can be translated. not only in terms of payment, but in anticipation of reforms or reduced timescales.

"I think it is serious that the prime minister has created an artificial crisis in the country, he deserves a response in due course and will get it in due course," he said.

When asked whether the PSD will shoulder the responsibility of holding it; the government, the MEP replied: "The national leadership at the right time will speak," without specifying what this timing will ever be.

The Parliamentary Committee on Education on Thursday Thursday approved an amendment to the Government's decree, with the PS voting against and supporting all other political forces, noting that the length of service to be restored is nine years. , four months and two. days claimed by teaching unions.

The Social Democrats initial proposal directed discussion of teachers' time to serve the growth of the economy and the sustainability of the system in education, points that were hit; in the expertise with the votes against PS, BE and PCP.

The original PSD text stated that the Government should take into account the substitution of teachers' time, on the one hand, "the resources available to the country's economic and financial situation, taking into account, in particular, the growth of GDP and the evolution of public debt. T ".

On the other hand, the Government should consider "the future sustainability of the public education system, which is the level of need for the renewal of teaching staff, career review, retirement rates and the future needs of the education system."

The Social Democrats' original proposal also said that accountancy should be considered "proportionate to the growth of the economy" and note "compliance with the spending rule in the Stability and Growth Pact, so that expenditure on staff in the primary education budgetary area cannot and secondary and school administration means that the annual expenditure rate is exceeded to ensure sustainability and compatibility with available resources.

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