Sunday , January 23 2022

Portugal announces up to 1,500 ME today in Treasury Bills for six months and 12 months


The Treasury Management and Public Debt Management (IGCP) said that BTs currently have auction maturity in May 2019 (six months) and in November 2019 (12 months) and the general indicative amount of 1,250 million and 1,500 million euros.

In the last comparative auctions, on September 19, Portugal set 1,400 million euros, below the maximum published of 1,500 million euros, on Treasury Measures at negative interest rates, but increasing six and 12 months similar similar sales .

Upon reaching their normal members on January 17, the average interest rates on Treasury Bills for six months and 12 months have been rising since then.

Thus, the Treasury bills were given 1,000 million euros in September up to 12 months at an average interest rate of -0.270%, yet negative, but higher than the one that was registered on July 18, when 1,350 million euros were set at -0,280%.

Six months later, it was awarded 400 million euros in BT, an average of -0.317%, less negative than on July 18, when 400 million euros were also set at -0.339%.

On January 17, the average interest rates of BT in six and 12 months reached the decrease of -0.425% and -0.398% respectively.

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