Monday , September 26 2022

Pedro Marques assumes train repairs "below schedule"


EMEF workshops will repair fewer trains in 2018 than expected. The problem was received by the Planning and Structures Minister, Pedro Marques, during a parliamentary hearing. The minister complains that "a 20% reduction in human resources" has been in the public company repair trains.

"There was a 20% reduction in human resources in the EMEF service during the last Government, the intervention was EMEF affected by this reality. […] Er [a EMEF] to do much more maintenance this year than in previous years, we recognize that the figures are lower than expectations, "said Pedro Marques in response to PCP MP Bruno Dias during the Finance Finance hearing , under the Please Note discussion by 2019.

PCP deputy declared "only 15 of the 34 train interventions planned for 2018 were made." Bruno Dias gave a number of examples: "Three Pendular Alpha trains three times repaired; three trains in 14 Azambuja and Sintra urban services; seven out of ten cars for regional services, and one in seven interventions on the long trains and # 39; the rest (probably in Corail stones). "In 2017, EMEF made 29 repairs, the deputy added.

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Despite these numbers, Pedro Marques is optimistic for next year: "current EMEF teams are rehabilitating activity and we have good prospects for 2019".

However, this delay has the consequences for train users, with delays and deletions recorded throughout the country. Bruno Dias, taking into account this, defends the end of the limits to the investment in train maintenance: "one can not restrict the expense of one year to the money spent in the previous year".

The Minister for Planning and Infrastructure is being heard in the Budget Committee, the Modernization of Finance and Administration due to the State Budget for 2019. In this ministry, a budget of 5 billion euros is forecast for next year, together with 37 , 5% than in 2018.

(TheThe news was circulated at 11:19 pm after Bruno Dias corrected the number of interventions planned for 2018: 34 and not 29 as it was written in the original version)

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