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Parties are responding to a controversial vote to vote and not all have dismissed the European Union 2019

The parties began to respond to the About Us | according to which Patriarchat Lisbon, or someone from Patriarchate, called for the vote in some parties, namely in the intermediaries through shared or social networks. Not everyone understands the "blurring" of the announcement, a word that the entity used to justify itself.

"The CDS is not the Patriarchate. So the CDS cannot respond to any entity that wants to speak in the CDS," said Nuno Melo. "No entity has to make appeals, but unfortunately we took our life in the CDS to attend various appeals from a number of entities over other parties and I have never noticed this situation," he added.

When asked whether he is worried that he saw the CDS with each other, in the appeal, to the Chega party, the head of the list of referees said: "That is synonymous t We ask if you are worried about any party to get the symbol with everyone else on the ballot paper.

On the other hand, Nuno Melo recalled that the Jesuits questioned all the parties competing with the Europeans on what the European Union can do for the refugees and " t the Community Dental Service was one of the few who responded. "

Socialist Pedro Marques also mentioned the issue to close. Following a meeting with Rui Moreira, at the door of Porto Chamber, the Socialist candidate said that he had taken "information about an incident in this matter" as well as "being aware of the Patriarchate's own site that has already deleted any reference to questions of partyism or the sense of voting ". t

"I don't mention an issue more than this, because the Patriarchate has already explained that something had happened and that it had been corrected, it was a failure. For me, this is a closed subject," said Pedro Marques.

Remove back the post and the recognition of the error also solves the issue to communist João Ferreira, "the fundamental thing is that everyone, believers and non-believers have the freedom to vote." The second candidate to the European Parliament took the opportunity to say that the UDP's concerns about the need to "respond to situations of social injustice, improve income distribution, and promote equality meet the concerns of many Catholics and non-Catholics."

Don't forget to block

Mr José Manuel Pureza, from the Left Block, did not respond in the same way. "We won't forget the post from the Portuguese Life Federation, I would not forget that it was published on the Patriarchate page and I would not forget that it was pulled back by its unwisely. Unfortunately, we have to remind ourselves several times how unwise it is to let fanaticism grow, "he wrote the blocker on that social network.

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