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OnePlus 7 Pro resists everything during the durability test [vídeo]

OnePlus 7 Pro is the latest Android smartphone to join the segment super-premium and it brings serious arguments to defend his claim. At the same time, this is the most powerful series of products presented yesterday (14) and has already gone through the famous channel durability test t JerryRigEverything.

This is where OnePlus 7 Pro turns out to be a durable product, surviving the whole procedure!

OnePlus Android Pro 7 Smartphone

While the company has replicated its new Android smartphone, as it is a device built in glass, we always have some fear. Natural behavior, especially if you consider the investment associated with buying a new high terminal like OnePlus 7 Pro.

OnePlus 7 Pro survived the endurance test

As it is a real world full of challenges and harsh weather, the usefulness of this type of testing, albeit slightly exaggerated. How much more is not to discourage our mind and the Nelson Zach of JerryRigEverything is great. The tests are already painful.

The OnePlus Pro 7 has to be made of aluminum (structure) and glass. More specifically, Gorilla glass 6 6 Corning, its latest generation. This will be the first line of the smartphone's protection against day-to-day thoroughness, but it should be noted that we do not have IP certification here. Still, it will survive splashing.

However, we have a new wear point on this Android smartphone, its camera that can be withdrawn. Here, to release the screen, we have a new operation, to be mediated by an electric motor. Still, the glass covers the chamber, scratched with the possibility of accumulating debris in this area.

The incredible resilience of the new Android smartphone

Although there is no insurmountable smartphone, in this durability test, OnePlus Pro 7 passed with the biggest difference. He survived the risks, even with a screen movie's already applied, as well as being scratched completely with an x-act. This has not affected its overall operation.

Then the smartphone went through the flame test which proved its screen. Fortunately, it was restored after a few seconds, continuing to operate normally. By the way, even his own fingerprint reader showed no unusual behavior after the test.

Finally, the elasticity test or bending test, is the hardest one to suffer. However, UnPlus 7 Pro is again surprised by the positive. Its structural integrity is minimized by the force applied on both sides to this Android smartphone. But there's a lot more to say (and to see in the video) then: t

OnePlus 7 Pro will hit shop shelves on May 21 and you can read all the news in our article. It is also one of the three best devices for photography, according to DxOMark.

Finally, you can see the differences between the two newly introduced models in the article below:

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