Wednesday , May 25 2022

One UI 2.5 arrives in the Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A50s


It’s been a busy year for Samsung. However, in a good way. Not only has it launched several pieces of equipment, but continues to grow. In addition, it makes users happy with the speed at which updates are released. Now and after pledging to the One UI 2.5 for various devices, now it’s time to launch this interface for the Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A50s.

One UI 2.5 arrives in the Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A50s

It has not been long since Samsung brought the One UI 2.5 to the Galaxy A51. Now that readiness to upgrade is showing on the Galaxy A50s, according to the SamMobile website. The update arrives with the code name A507FNXXU5CTK3. However, this update from Samsung also includes a November 2020 security patch. Although the update is only available to a limited extent, it is expected to reach more markets soon.

One 2.5 A50s UI

In addition to the new version arriving at the Galaxy A50s, Samsung also launched the One UI 2.5 for the Galaxy A70, according to the SamMobile site. It has the firmware A705FNXXU5CTK4 and also includes the November 2020 security patch. However, the update is only available to Galaxy A70 owners in Ukraine. Still, it should reach consumers worldwide over the days and weeks.

As expected, it comes with all the main features of One UI 2.5.

An example of this is the wireless DeX, the improved Pro camera mode and more.

One 2.5 A50s UI

More specifically, it will be possible to use DeX on any TV that supports screen reflection (though Samsung naturally suggests using its own smart TV). There are new features in the camera as well. Single take mode now allows you to select the recording length and can select the video recording resolution and frame rate (24, 30 and 60 fps) in the video Pro mode. However, the Samsung Keyboard app is better. This with YouTube search function. Same for the option to use the split keyboard in landscape mode. Finally, the Messages program has a new feature that allows you to send SOS messages every 30 minutes for 24 hours. Do You Like Leaks? We’re counting on you! Follow us on Google News. Click here and then Follow.

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