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Old City Beach nightclubs know today whether to go to a trial


The three former Urban nightclubs have called for the investigation to be opened, an optional period in which a criminal investigation judge will decide whether the defendants should be brought to trial.

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It is expected that the preliminary ruling will be known at 2:00 pm in the Court of Criminal Investigation [TIC] Lisbon, at the Justice Campus, by notifying the parties. Judge Claudia Pina will not read the ruling, says Lusa.

In the directional debate, held on November 12, prosecutor Emília Serrão asked the judge to bring the defendants to trial "the terms of the deed." However, security lawyers have argued that their constituents are being awarded (being tried to test) simply for an offense to a simple physical integrity.

Linda Alagoinha, lawyer of both offenders, who were assistants in the process and who claimed all of them 50,000 euros of defendants, has subscribed to the MP's allegations.

In terms of the video, recorded via a mobile phone, and distributed on social networks with the assaults, the MP considered that these images had previously "validated" by the criminal investigation judge, taking into account the protection of the defendants that this evidence is "null".

One of the defendants is held in custody under the Hells Angels motorcycle group lawyer, while the other two are free, but with a ban on relations with the criminals and their co-arrest , and on private security activity.

Day of the attacks

According to the indictment of the Public Prosecution Service, who had Lusa, by 06:30 on November 1, 2017, the three men were on duty when they were told about the presence of a group of four people, offending

I have been told that this group would stimulate customers in a food and drink band located in the area.

The three defendants, along with the person who gave them the information, went to the bulls and tackled the criminals, "especially with the fact that they there attacking people ".

They stopped to attack them, describing the allegation, with penalties, boats and razor blasts, even when they were on the floor.

Both were admitted to the Hospital de São José crisis room in Lisbon, with a number of injuries, injuries and cuts.

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