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Not just Samsung: how Apple and other companies imagine the mobile phone removable – News


After many months of speculation, Samsung finally He first showed a concrete version of a smartphone with a bending screen. The device's display, which revealed some details, was sufficient to create more consumer expectations. But this is not just the South Korean company trying this innovation.

The blink cell phone is nearest to revolution we have seen in recent years and no-one wants to lose this tram. At least that's what the manufacturers themselves expect, after stabilizing in the mobile market, with smartphones increasingly similar to each other and a small phone sales.

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The possibility of making such a device arises from the new flexible displays, which have been proven for years in the industry of mobile devices and television. Year 2019 promises to bend equipment, as well as 2018 he went away from the cottage.

See below how each company fights for a mobile phone.


Among the leading makers, Samsung seems to be the most advanced in the new technology. After all, as stated previously, the company showed a concrete prototype of the device that indicated the launch next year, but without a specific date.


Samsung's mobile smartphone opens and reveals a large screen inside

The device shown is not attractive: it is very thick and has very large edges at the top and bottom of the device that is closed. The best of the smartphone is that it opens the side like a book and turns into a small board with a 7.3 inch screen – Not many existing cell phones reach 6.5 inches.

Samsung says she has had to make a lot of effort to make it real. As well as the new technology of the flexible exhibition, it has installed a new, flexible and durable protective layer – the company alleged that the device can be opened and closed more than 200,000 times, which gives the product a satisfactory life.

Huawei and other Chinese

Chinese manufacturers, who are always investing in different technologies to attract the public, have also developed well in the pressing competition.

Huawei is a promising device of type for 2019, saying that he can rely on 5G technology. In March, she filed a smartphone patent similar to Samsung, which opens as a book.

Even the first to release a mobile phone in China. On October 31, Royole Corporation introduced his hand in an event in Beijing. The device appears to be huge and has clear problems in its system. The way in which it opens is different – movement is contrary to opening a book, as can be seen in the video below.

Others who already have patents for flexible screens are Oppo and Vivo Chinese makers. ZTE even launches a cell phone that opens and offers two screens – both are separate and so the device is not foldable.

According to the international media, Xiaomi also works on a device that would open inside Royole – he also plans to launch the model in 2019. But the mid-year news pointed out that the company & # 39; I still look for components to make the real dream


LG South Korea is another one that could be close to having the sport. The company is one of the few manufacturers of flexible displays and intends to introduce a prototype during CES 2019, the world's largest technology fair in January. The information was posted on Twitter by Evan Blass, who usually gives information from the mobile industry in advance.


LG is also looking for a mobile phone and can be rolled out in CES

Chief executive of the company, Hwang Jeong-hwan, which was confirmed earlier in October that the company works on a mobile phone with a foldable partners, although he says that the company did not intend to be the first to launch the product. In CES, LG may also show foldable or temporary TV – a prototype of the type has already shown.

In the past, company bending phone patents have been circulated through the media, showing a device with a reliable and foldable screen.


Apple is said to be a bit that folds a smartphone and therefore, it's hard for us to come and see a model of this type early – unless the company sees an increasing trend next year and makes an incredible effort to launch such a device in its 2019 line.

What's really that is Apple already has some patents that contain bending screens on mobile phones. A recent patent even shows a device that folds like a newspaper – the patent even speaks of a flexible battery that would be on the back of the display. Another patent shows a bending screen more like Samsung.


Apple has patents for a mobile phone

All of this patent talk is worth order: Companies often require records of different technologies, even if they are not even close to becoming real. But they can be a sign of what's coming. Apple, for example, has never officially spoken about a movable mobile phone.


Lenovo, brand engineer Motorola, has also passed this year's patent in the US that describes "fading electronic device and corresponding systems and methods".


There is also a folding phone in the plans in Motorola patents

This could be applied to a notebook, but sketches clearly show what looks like a smartphone. The patent remembers late Moto Razr cell phone, which has been successful during the first decade of the 2000s, but with one crucial difference: the device has a continuous screen that can be folded.


Google recently warned that its version of the Android operating system for mobile bending is now ready. The company produces a Pixel line of smart phones, but does not talk about a model with a folded screen. But it's good to know that the system used by so many brands is available.

A price?

Okay, we should have foldable cell phones in the near future by various manufacturers. But it's also good to start preparing for the price: If you find the current mobile phones expensive, you're likely to be afraid of mobile phones.

An analyst who heard The Wall Street Journal stressed that the first generation of folders can cost double the $ 1,000 iPhone XS and Galaxy Note 9. This is due to many reasons, but the main one would be the screen, which would be one of & The most expensive elements of cell phones – and that expensive, multiply by three with different panels in the product.

The components of the device themselves will also have to be restored so that it is true, and that will not be cheap.

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