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Flu vaccination in Rio de Janeiro is still below target

Date: 05/04/2019

Vaccination in Teresópolis this Saturday – Statement to the PMT Press

Douglas Corrêa – Correspondent of Agência Brazil Rio de Janeiro

Secretary of State for Health, Edmar Santos, said today (4) during the D-Day vaccination launch against flu, that the aim of immunization is still much lower than expected in the 92 municipality in Rio. "Given the whole state of Rio, we reached about 12% of the target population. Our result is very poor."

In the state of Rio, the aim is to vaccinate 4.8 million people, but so far only about 500 thousand people have searched for vaccination jobs to vaccinate against the flu. The campaign ends on the 31st of this month.

According to the secretary, the problem is not due to the lack of effort of the federal, state and municipal governments. "We are preparing the vaccine in the jobs. It is really necessary that the population becomes aware of the social importance of being vaccinated, that it protects itself, protects his family and his t It is necessary that the whole society is used so that we achieve this goal, "he said. t

The secretary also said that the state government worked with the Prison Education and Administration Secretaries to expand vaccination in prisons, public schools and in the security forces.

The secretary also wants to bring the population back to take part in the vaccination campaign, showing that the flu vaccine is safe and in the health jobs that trained professionals can lead the vaccination campaign. correct.


In Teresópolis, he calculated a D-Day campaign; the National Vaccine Against Flu campaign on health and PSFs, in the city and behind 17h. In addition, tents were established for service in Matrix Santa Teresa, Várzea, Feirinha do Alto, and Ermitage Park. The campaign started on April 10 and runs until May 31.
In Teresópolis, the campaign's target audience is 50,594 people. The aim is to immunize at least 90% of the target audience. City has not yet announced how many people were vaccinated this Saturday.


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