Monday , January 17 2022

Netflix is ​​already the Internet service that creates more traffic


With today's Internet access standard, it's simple and logical that streaming services are a natural choice for use.

Recent analysis, now announced, showed that Netflix is ​​already a service that creates more traffic on the Internet, and then others that are also at their level.

Netflix Internet traffic streaming service

The data that the Sandvine company has now disclosed shows that Netflix has taken a long awaited place for you. Today, the Internet service creates more traffic, drawing 13.5% of all traffic that cycles on the Internet itself.

Following the great streaming services we have 3 more video sources. We have HTTPS Media data, with 12.25% and YouTube with 10.51%, respectively.

Netflix Internet traffic streaming service

Below these top and top 5 jobs we have the well-known BitTorrent, with 4.10% of all global Internet traffic, driven by regions such as EMEA (Europe, East Middle and Africa) and APAC (Pacific Ocean Asia).

Interestingly, Amazon Prime's Amazon service, Amazon Prime, falls on the global list and runs only 10th, with 3.38% of traffic generated. This best service is even in the EMEA, where it can already occupy the 4th position.

Netflix Internet traffic streaming service

Looking at this data in a regional way, we can see that Netflix is ​​already taking over 17% of the traffic generated in the United States. In EMEA, the list top is presented to YouTube and BitTorrent occupies a 6th site with 4.71% of traffic.

This data, collected from different sources and processors from the Canadian company, Sandvine, shows how more and more streaming services dominate the Internet and traffic generators, given the increasing quality of the transmitted videos.

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