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MWYNIAD – Tourism Campaign The Portuguese Center wins a win at the International Travel and Tourism Awards! Present Penacova PENACOVA PRESENT


The promotional campaign "Turismo Centro Portiwgal – Visiting and Towing helps"O Turismo Centro de Portugal was one of the great winners of the prestigious International Travel and Tourism Awards, which was awarded in London, which won the Gold Award campaign, first in the" National Trust / National Tourism Destination Destination Campaign category " The awards ceremony was held on Tuesday.

The Portuguese Tourist Center Executive (composed by Pedro Machado, João Azevedo, Maria do Céu Albuquerque, José Ribau Esteves and Jorge Loureiro) receive the award, by the gala presenters

"We are waiting
is extremely proud of this unprecedented achievement in Portugal. He's an award
very important. Everyone must be congratulated for an award that is
our country, the Tourism sector and the Centro de Portugal brand, to compete
Applicants are as strong as the US.
", Pedro Straen
Machado, president of Turismo Centro de Portugal, minutes after receiving the

"This difference also shows that hope is born in the center of the disaster. The new hope in a destination, in its attraction, has reflected it well in this campaign. I leave a special word to partners that have been actively involved in this project, such as the Regional Agency for the Promotion of Portuguese Tourism Center, the Regional Co-ordination and Development Committee of the Center, Turismo de Portugal or State Secretariat for Tourism, as well as business A. They are entities and people who wanted to help us from the first hour, and who today has won such an important prize. The tourism team of Portugal could not be better: this is the most important prize ever received"He added.

Gold Award for the Portuguese Tourism Center
International Travel and Tourism Awards discriminate
the work of tourism organizations around the world. The winners were
chosen by an independent panel of critics from all over the world, a
the best that is being done internationally in travel and tourism.
The competition is organized by World Travel Market (WTM
London), with the collaboration of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). And WTM
London is an international event that brings together the travel industry between
5 and 7 in London, and who's the most important world in this respect
business area.
This was the first year of awarding these awards. Y
winners, in the 13 competition categories, for a hearing
more than 500 leaders in the tourism industry, including
the gala that was held at the Tobacco Dock in London.
Pedro Machado (President of Turismo Centro de Portugal) receives the prize

The Portuguese Tourism Center Campaign was
one of the eight final finals in their category, defeats
The United States, Japan, Peru, Egypt, Jordan, Estonia, Finland and
from the Faroe Islands.

"We are waiting
are very proud of the tourism industry's response to these
Very much the size and quality of competitors.
Each of the finalists represents the essence of these awards: celebrating success
of national, regional and local tourism authorities and recognize
uncommon private sector companies
"Paul Nelson said,
co-founder of the "International Travel and Tourism Awards".
It is remembered that the "Turismo Centro Portiwgal – Visiting and Towing helpscreated
following the fires that affected the region in 2017, and aimed at it
to restate the Portuguese Center as a safe and reliable destination.
In particular, it focused on promoting the most affected regions, by
notice boards, press releases and radio areas, among other initiatives.
The results were very positive because of this
growth in demand last year.

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