Thursday , June 30 2022

Monaco's owner in Monte Carlo was arrested on suspicion of pollution


Dmitri Rybolovlev was arrested in custody on Tuesday

The president of Monaco, Russia Dmitri Rybolovlev, was arrested by the police at the request of a judge Monegasque in a corruption investigation, said the French newspaper, Le Monde. Rybolovlev is at the heart of a judicial investigation opened a year ago by the Prosecutor General of Monaco on suspicion of active and passive pollution and influence. The Russian billionaire's arrest was held on Tuesday, hours before the start of the fourth round of the Champions League that opposed Monaco to the Brugge Club.

Also, Le Monde also said, in addition to the leader of Monaco, many suspects were arrested, whose identity had not been revealed.

This case, named in Monacogate, has based on the suspicion that the Russian tycoon has turned to a Russian lawyer to try to influence Principality courts in another case and # 39; n oppose Rybolovlev to the business in Switzerland, Yves Bouvier.

The French newspaper recalled that those authorities had found messages on the Ryder cell phone with former Rybolovlev and Monaco justice officer, Philippe Narmino, including providing lunches, gifts and rides.

Narmino resigned from a post in September last year, after information was spread related to him, as well as the Principality's high police, in this plan.

On Monday, Monaco was also focusing on the news due to the announcement of a football leak that stated that the club used a financial plan, using companies that have been placed in tax windows, to include Rybolovlev's cash injections without breaking & The balance set by UEFA.

According to Leeds Football, through this illegal system, Monaco has benefited from hundreds of millions of euros, which would be officially derived from sponsorship, but came out of the club's pocket president.

Meanwhile, a lawyer Rybolovlev has already responded to the French AFP news agency, confirming that his client is detained and regrets the breach of the investigation's confidentiality and calls for respect to the innocent presumption of the Russian biliwnist.

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