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LER and DORT are the diseases most affected by the workers, studying



A survey of the Ministry of Health showed that both diseases, in 10 years, represented 67,599 cases among workers in the country. The index increased by 184% over the same period

04 May 2019 – 06h00By Victor Maciel / Health Agency

LER and DORT are the diseases most affected by the workers.

Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) and Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (DORS) are the diseases most affected by Brazilian workers. The findings are derived from the 2018 Brazil Health study, from the Ministry of Health, using data from the Sinan Reporting System, the survey identifies 67,599 cases of RSI / Dort between 2007 and 2016 have been reported to the folder. In this period the total number of registrations increased by 184%, from 3,212 cases in 2007 to 9,122 in 2016. The volume and increase in cases during this period shows a warning about the health of employees.

The data, presented in the chapter 'Overview of Chronic Diseases which is Associated with Labor in Brazil', shows an increase in the number of employees who come into contact with t risk factors, which can lead to active disability. The study also noted that these problems occur more frequently in female workers (51.7%), between 40 and 49 years (33.6%), and in individuals with secondary school education (32.7%). The region with the highest number of cases was the South East, with 58.4% of the country's total notifications in the period. In 2016, the states that introduced the highest prevalence coefficients were Mato Grosso for Sun, São Paulo and Amazonas.

When we mentioned the occupational sectors, the incidence of RSI and DORT was higher in professionals working in the industry, commerce, food, transport and domestic services / cleaning sectors. In the professions; janitors, fixed machine operators, line feeders and cooks were the hardest ones with some of these health problems at work.

The LER and DORT are damages that derive from excessive use of the system that drives the human skeleton and the lack of time for recovery. They are characterized by a number of symptoms, appearance is almost always at a higher stage, which usually occurs in the upper limbs, such as pain, feeling of pressure and fatigue. Some of the main ones that affect workers are shoulder injuries and inflammation in joints and tissues that cover the tendons.

These diseases are labor-related and can disrupt labor productivity, workforce participation, and financial commitment and the position the employee reaches. In addition, they account for most of the time away from work and represent costs with indemnity payments, treatment, and recovery processes.

To prevent injuries like these, the Ministry of Health recommends employers to Regulatory Standard 17, which establishes parameters that allow working conditions to be adapted to the psychophysiological characteristics of workers, in order to provide; r comfort, safety and optimum efficient performance. In addition, it is important for employers to promote health education operations for workers in conjunction with CEREST in each region.

CEREST consists of the National Network of Employee Attention to Health of Employees (RENAST), which is operated articulately between the Ministry of Health, US Health Secretaries, the Federal District and the municipalities, with the participation of organs from other sectors of These spheres. RENAST integrates the SUS service network, with the aim of promoting, assisting and monitoring, for the development of Employee Health actions.

Employees also have a vital role to play in this flow. Gymnastics in the workplace, creating regular breaks habits during the work period, regular performance of body movements, avoiding overtime and mental overload, and the use of ergonomic furniture are measures that can contribute to the and other diseases.

Finally, on any indication of pain, the employee should seek a specialist doctor. It is also essential to act on the cases, based on the physical and psychosocial limits of the employee.

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