Saturday , October 1 2022

Jorge Costa warns of the majority of the PS campaign and blockade eviction – Economy


"2019 is a strong campaign year, capital for this legislature is to be excited to not forget, but that's allowing it to return to a good second moment. This campaign, when & # 39; looking at the state of the right to Portugal, knowing that this campaign is only a majority in 2019, this power campaign, capital power, is the campaign by the absolute majority of the PS, "he said, on the second of two days of the BEB XI Convention in Lisbon.

The block deputy said, referring to different economic groups and factual powers, quoted António Saraiva, president of the Portuguese Enterprise Confederation (CIP), his predecessor Francisco Van Zeller or "owner of Pingo Dude [grupo Jerónimo Martins]Soares da Costa "came to the conclusion that those composers considered that" the PS governments have always been better for entrepreneurs "and" [António] The absolute majority of Costa quickly loses BE and PCP, stand alone and will seek the inherent values ​​of PS. "

"They know where we have come and where we are going: to get public control on the privatization strategic sectors, to protect health, education, public social security, to give up the assault of these sectors through the power of money and because of the logic of the market, to colonize the banking system because the state must own what it is paying, bring democracy to companies and the world whole work and tackle shortcomings, "he said.

The BE leader emphasized that "they all know everything" and thus expressing assurance: "something we've been doing well recently", as can be seen when giving us the best "concepts" protest parties "and" arc of governance. "

"They are looking at this legislature and do not forgive us and someone goes there to ask these people if the Bloc is really a party like the others, just listen to them see how they stand in the face of the political situation, "he had warned earlier.

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