Wednesday , September 28 2022

Jerónimo guarantees that he does not give the best wage at 650 euros


"[Este é] fighting we did not give up despite the opposition of PS, PSD and CDS to the project of the minimum wage sale submitted by the PCP presented in the Republic of the Republic days ago. Jerusimo de Sousa says the public producer of wealth and wealth must be distributed in a public session on the PCP intervention.

The communist leader stressed that the PCP will continue to fight for a general appreciation of wages, including the setting of the national minimum wage in "650 euros on January 1, 2019".

"As long as there are low wages, there will be low reforms, and the fight to raise wages is an important fight," he said.

The communist general secretary also argued that current statistical data showed how "theories of the DPP and CDS Government" were incorrect and that there was no need to "exploit and poverty".

"PSD Governments and CDS said that there was a need to do sacrifice, that the exploitation and deprivation policy would inevitably remain in those four years and in future years if they were a Government. , after all, life proved that this path was inevitable to exploitation and poor. After all the statistical data showed that the economy had grown and that for people to be able to eat, "he noted.

For Jerónimo de Sousa, "the way to appreciate salaries is good for the economy, it's good to the country and good for employees."

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