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Huawei and Xiaomi grew, Samsung and Apple fell in 2018

The week was filled with reports from a variety of market analysis agencies, looking at leading mobile phone makers. Now we have a Canalys contribution, Samsung performance appraisal, Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi and other well-known brands.

We have also had the opportunity to review Apple's own reports, South Korea Samsung and even Sony's financial report. However, through market analysis agency reports we can have a better and better market perception as a whole.

Firstly, the report that we are now analyzing is divided into two sections. In the first, we have an evaluation of the last quarter of 2018. More specifically, in the months of October, November and December last year, their sales volume and market share.

New Channel report on smartphone market

Next we also have an evaluation of the provision of each of these brands throughout the year 2018. Again, keeping track of the appropriate market shares and the volume of smartphone sales.

With this new indicator, we see that Huawei is ever closer to achieving its goal of surviving Samsung. A repeatedly repeated goal was set by Richard Yu, which would be delivered by 2020.

Huawei is getting closer and closer to Samsung

What could be made redundant to start as a straightforward statement, especially when Huawei has banned the 3rd largest smartphone market in the world, has gone further further than that.

Huawei, as well as Xiaomi, is two Chinese manufacturers who disregard the climate of recession in the smartphone market. Contrary to the main difficulties and cranes of the economy in China, the other would grow in 2018.

Provision in the last quarter of 2018

More specifically and according to Canalys data, Apple was the company that sold most smartphones. With a total of 71.7 million smartphones sold in the quarter under review, Apple won 19.8% of market share.

However, compared to the same period of 2017, Apple recorded a sales volume decrease of 7.3%. Note that, during the last quarter of 2017, Apple sold 77.3 million smartphones, with a 20% share.

Apple and Samsung led despite selling drop-in

Secondly, we have Samsung with 70.3 million smartphones sold at this time and a share of the market by 19.4%. Again, we have a reduction here compared to the 2017 values.

In the last quarter of that year (2017), Samsung sold 74.2 million smartphones, a figure that won the 19.2% share. In practice, he recorded a 5.3% reduction year on year in his sales volume.

Huawei was the fastest growing brand

Third, at the quarterly sales site, we have Huawei. The Chinese company sold 60.5 million smartphones at this time. Value that guarantees 16.7% of the market share.

Looking back over the same period of 2017, Huawei sold 41.1 million mobile devices, earning 10.6% of the market share. From year to year, Huawei grew an impressive 47.3%, registering the highest growth among each brand.

Next we have another Chinese manufacturer Oppo, with 31.8 million units having a sale and 8.8% of the market share. In the same period of 2017, Oppo sold 26.3 million equipment, with 6.8% quota.

Its growth was significant, with a 20.6% increase year on year, assessing its volume of sales.

Xiaomi reported a 3% reduction in quarterly sales

In the fifth place and close to the table that we have, the Xiaomi. The Chinese maker has sold 26.4 million equipment in three months. For that reason, he won 7.3% of the market in the last quarter of 2018.

Looking to 2017, Xiaomi sold 27.2 million mobile devices, at the time being 7% of the market. In short, Xiaomi dropped 3% between the last quarter of 2017 and 2018.

The annual provision in the smartphone market

After the quarterly analysis, let's now analyze the behavior of Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Oppo and Xiaomi throughout the year 2018. Who grew, who fell and who stabilized this mobile mobile market.

Looking now at the annual totals, Samsung is still leading. With 293.7 million smartphones sold during 2018, the brand ends the year with a market share of 21.2%.

In the year 2017, Samsung 7.2% discounted, after the sale of a total of 316.6 million mobile devices this year. A figure that earned him a share of 21.8% of the market.

Samsung and Apple to occupy the best places

Secondly, according to Canalys, we have the American Apple. With 212.1 million equipment sold during the year and 15.3% of market share.

Compared to the year 2017, Apple recorded a drop of 1.7%, after selling a total of 215.8 million mobile devices this year. A figure that earned him a share of the market by 14.8%.

Huawei and Xiaomi with a growth of over 30%

Third is Huawei. With a sale of 206 million smartphones, Huawei won a share of 14.8% of the market. As against 2017, the Chinese company grew an impressive 34.5%, value that no other manufacturer could match.

Next, Canalys fits Xiaomi fourth. With 120.3 million units having sold, the company won 8.7% of the market. Compared to 2017, Xiaomi recorded an equally impressive growth of 31.6%.

In closing the top 5 we have Oppo. The Chinese maker sold nearly 120 million units and Xiaomi compared with it. However, its annual growth was 6.9%, not opposing more than 30% of Xiaomi.

The smartphone market dropped by 4.6% in 2018

Finally, the market analysis agency says that sales of 1.39 billion mobile devices in 2018 are sold. In 2017, 1.46 billion of equipment were sold. As a result, sales fell by 4.6%.
We remind you that all agencies have their operandi modus, its way of calculating the sale of equipment. Something that helps us to understand the anomalies between the data presented by the various entities in this branch.

And you, do you have any smart phones from these brands? Do you think to buy one in 2019?

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