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Health is taking part in action to celebrate World Diabetes Day


On Saturday morning (10), the public servant, José Luciano, left home to give his usual trip to the edge of João Pessoa. On the way, a child who was placed on the beachside of Cabo Branco was found to have stopped the blood glucose test and he was shocked by the result: it was changed, much higher than & Expected. He warned the service offered there, in the middle of the street. José Luciano so he's going to look for treatment.

"I was surprised when I saw that the glucose was 339, it's very dangerous, it's normal below 100. Next Monday, I'll start taking the necessary tests and looking for a doctor , "he said.

On November 14, World Diabetes Day is celebrated and the Secretary of State for Paraíba Health (SES) took this Saturday (10) in operation in partnership with the Association of Endocrinology and Brazilian Metabolism in Paraba, the Sociedade Paraibana de Cardiologia, the Paraíba and Unimed Diabetics Association in commemoration refers to the date. In a tent established on the beach in Cabo Branco, health professionals and technicians from SES met to offer blood glucose test, blood pressure check and distribution of educational material and guidelines for the population.

According to the medical endocrinology, and one of the organizers of the deed, Dr. Maria da Luz, and the prediction is an exponential increase in the appearance and prevalence of diabetes in the future. "We are here to make people aware of the risk of developing diabetes, the importance of treatment. It's common to find actions of this type people who are not aware of ill health because it is a calm illness in the first place. Many people have a changing level of diabetes, but they do not have the symptoms. Here we have professionals talking and warning these people about treatment in preventing the chronic complications of the disease, "he explained.

According to the head of Noncommunicable Diseases and Diseases of SES, Gerlane Carvalho, the Secretariat supports actions and activities of this type with the intention of working in preventing and promoting health. "It's a moment that SES goes to the population to achieve these services. Often, in day-to-day running, people do not have time to go to a doctor or health facility," he said.

As José Estephay Dhesirée, senior technician, also came to his normal physical activity to check blood glucose. The result, however, was different. He confirmed what he was expecting, the glucose was satisfactory. "I'm always moving. I returned to functional training last week, I'm doing a gym, I'll take care of food. Some results are still satisfactory, but at least my glucose level blood is very good, "he said.

For the president of Diabetes Paraíba Association, Adriana Fernandes, the activities that took place this Saturday morning are important to give visibility and share information about the disease. "The thing that kills and what is estimated is the lack of information, it's the lack of self care. Our role here is to talk, lead, to give an example of & # 39 ; n our own life, which is one of the strengths of society. "

Estimated – It is estimated that 214,685 people have diabetes in Paraíba. This equates to 5.3% of the population (Source: DataSUS).


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