Thursday , June 30 2022

Fortnite records a cruel record of online players at the same time


Fortnite is one of the games at the moment and one of the largest revenue has created. This game is currently available for computers, mobile devices (Android and iOS), Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch and has an amazing fierce club around the world.

After releasing a year ago, Epic Games recently revealed that an "enthusiastic" point of view of users had simultaneously played simultaneously at the same time.

The Korean Sung Chul Park Epic Games recently showed that the most popular game today has reached a great record. According to Parc, the game reached the top 8.3 million players at the time… That's fine, 8.3 million players play Fortnite at the same time.

Recall that in February of this year it has reached a peak of 3.4 million competing players, and at the time there were shortcomings in the service.

Fortnite continues to grow

Given the summits, a report by Streamlabs, a streaming company, reveals that only during the last quarter players have accumulated nearly 19 million hours playing Fortnite. From perspective perspective, this represents a 128% increase over the year and five times the most popular game of League of Legends.

Part of this success is also the advent of the game in South Korea.

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