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Famous people pay tribute to their mothers. See the loving messages – The Television


On Sunday, Mother's Day is celebrated in Portugal. In the social networks of celebrities, tribute messages to mothers of this country are multiplying. Here is Sara Norte, Sofia Arruda, Catarina Furtado, Helena Furtado, Tania Ribas de Oliveira, Joana Seixas, Raquel Strada, Pedro Lima, Romana, Isabel Angelino, Luis Aleluia, Inês Simões and Diogo Faria.

On this special day for Mothers, the public figures wanted to pay tribute to their parents. Throughout the day, through social networks, Portugal celebrities have made a number of publications dedicated to women of their lives. See now, full, any of these messages.

Fireia Ribas de Oliveira: "Happy Mother's Day! And my pond is very beautiful ever since. Inside and outside"

Catarina Furtado: "Mother's Day. A day to smile (even more) with my mother, who taught me the value of a difference and inspired me to follow what makes me very happy: t try to make my journey through this world a direct implication in promoting the quality of life of people who suffer most from inequalities in a number of areas, especially women, girls and girls Happy Mothering Sunday for everyone who is 39; he deserves and hey special to those who do not get around, physically. "

Joana Seixas: "Wonderful dreams are made from the" Happy Mother's Day to all the Warriors! " "

Raquel Strada: "So different, but always walking and looking in the same direction, as it happens almost always when talking about love. Happy Mother's Day"

Pedro Lima: "Mother and her babies … Every mother loves their children the best they can and know …"

Sofia Arruda: "Is my first mother feeling like a little mum to me too? The cuddle to this beautiful and powerful mom that gave me the universe was possible because we have a baby in the middle of us!? And lost third part of our clan, our youngest, who takes the picture. "

Sara Norte: "The best mother in the world … is very grateful for all the values ​​you taught me and for making me feel special all the time … every victory for me is dedicated to you. .. miss you mom! "

Romana: "And the day has come to celebrate the gift of maternity, to be a mother, to be eternal love and to express so much heartfelt gratitude for the gift of giving 3 lights as sweet and special to the world." I hope that they will contribute to a better world! Thank you to my children for so much love and joy that we share every day. Thank you very much for the weak human being, true, full of kindness and lovers you are, because you worry much more with everyone and you leave to last, we recognize and we will always look after you and return all love to you! Because LOVE to care, not to judge, not to jealousy, not to attack !!! There's a union, to be a team, to appreciate, we're all 1 ONLY rowing to the same direction! great to you, God, Universe for my Mum Mum, for my life, my beautiful family, and every day for the opportunity you give me to become better human! I learned that being mother to 3, heart does not increase, y n share, equal love for all! "

Isabel Angelino: "On this day my mother is dedicated to you, I thank you for the teachings, the love and the affection that you have to give me, always come by my side always giving Being a mother is all more than that … Happy Mother's Day to all the mums of the world " t

Luis Aleluia: "There are moments that they don't forget. Thank you, Mother"

Inês Simões: "My life's love came to give a huge shake to everything I knew and thought they were priorities. As it exists, the priority is always. It takes me to sleep, they are slimes for the whole house, it's pushing everything up and just wanting parties with the friends … and so that leaves are degenerative, it was just my daughter and I can't see my life without her? Happy Mother's Day every day, and congratulations to all mothers because we sacrificed a lot to the children and made them responsible and generous adults.

Diogo Faria: "Today, as it should be on every other day, we use the date that is marked on the calendar to mark our official importance who made us born. And this is significant and t Because, to give life, to create, to teach, to go with it, to accept and understand, this is probably the most difficult and challenging mission any Human World will have at hand. Our home is not our home, our center, our origin, and we will always be bound by Unpleasant Love. The words are not enough to describe the respect I have for my Mum, allowing me to live, grow, realize what the values ​​are, the respect, the principles and the fiber that we have to get in order to I could not act in the right way at all times and in the more just way, allowing me to see myself in my identity and the form of being. My friend, my friend, my companion, and above all, in this journey are the two of them nom is doing about the peripécias of Life.
Thank you Mum, for all the things that have already been there and for all the things that haven't come! And to all the Mothers who are walking around, Congratulations on receiving and fulfilling this beautiful mission " t

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