Friday , May 27 2022

Facebook Messenger is experiencing a new feature that allows you to watch videos with friends


O Facebook Always experience new features for application Messenger, but we do not often know about these new features before they are released. The latest feature released Messenger a the option to "canceled" messages, but this may not be the only major improvement that will come to this year's request.

Recently, Facebook told TechCrunch that she was testing a new "View"videos with each other"This will allow Messenger users to watch clips with friends. When a video is split into a chat window, anyone can control it and see who watches at any time.

Curiously, co-imaging is always beginning in a conversation, members should be informed about it. In addition, parts of the Messenger code say that users will have to receive a "tap to see" now notice, which suggests it may not happen at the same time .

Although a Facebook spokeswoman admitted that they were experiencing, the worker failed to put a deadline for the launch, just wait to see who will only reach the public.

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