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"Everyone" ": Cristina Ferreira launches English handbook on a tourism tourism bus


Two-storey bush, a dozen post-storytellers balanced with some effort and Cristina Ferreira in a lively conversation with an English teacher, Jonathan Munro. Here is the scenario for the latest book launch signed by the TV host. With "every one on board"(In general), he gave the motto for a departure and explained, between Marquis Pombal and Bethlehem, in Lisbon, which led to the launch of an English handbook.

The cover makes a promise: "Speaking is easy"The presenter had already assumed that his English language level was not enough to talk to them easily." My Achilles call, "wrote in 2016 in the memoir I feel, also edited by Contraponto. "I had the school in English without practicing", summarizing now. So he decided to go back to the school for about a year with a private teacher. "When we started studying, I started sharing some things on Instagram and asked me all about how Cristina is studying," she said.

He then included a project with the Cambridge Assessment English, to combine the teaching method of this British institution, his personal experience and Professor Jonathan Munro's advice. "There's a book for those who already have an English base, so that it can be perfect. That's the way Jonathan used with me and that Cambridge professionals have compressed," explains & # 39; r presenter.

The subject is divided into seven themes, from My Portugal, the chapter that uses Portuguese geography to practice, travel and feelings. "We decided which areas would be related to me and we had passed this to Cambridge professionals" the first episode discusses the challenges – or, first, the first episode of the book, the first episode of the book, challenges.

"Our philosophy is motivation. Show that person can do that," explains Jonathan Munro. "It's about trust, not grammar and vocabulary. I believe that the equipment is in front of the people, but nobody talks about how to start this journey. he's something Cristina did, "added the teacher.

Nuno Ferreira Monteiro

"Everyone is ashamed of speaking English badly. Sometimes I tell the magazine team that everyone is there speaking English. And everyone is in panic, because they are scared to fail," says Cristina Ferreira. "In the hundreds of messages that I have received in recent days, most people tell me this: I'm very embarrassed to speak: I'm always distressed when I go to a job interview; Cristina took me some weight. "

So, the author is satisfied that he has been able to show this "vulnerability" and hope to encourage people to follow the foot. "I believe I have taken a little stress and shame," he admits. "The verb is complicated and speaking in situations of stress – on stage with people who do not know anywhere – even worse. "

"There are people who say, Cristina has money, it's easier, & # 39;" he says, adding, "Sometimes we waste so much on things that have less importance. Everyone has to decide what they want exactly about their life."

According to a press release from the publisher, within two days almost 30,000 people completed a small English self-assessment test developed by Cambridge English presented by the presenter on his blog.

From the lessons to the final exam

The bus journey begins with the exchange of words, now in Portuguese in English, between Cristina Ferreira and Jonathan Munro: "How is it said to return to the Marquis? How do you say water foot? Footwater? There's no translation! ".

"They realize why he is my teacher," he said. It was 18 years ago Munro came to Portugal to learn English, at the time with a temporary contract. He stopped to wait.

This is the first time for the Cambridge university department to accompany personality to launch a book of this type, guarantee Luisa Geao, country manager from Portugal. After all, there is a relatively conservative organization, it justifies. The designated design in Portugal and the hostess's "power power" helped. Luisa Geao argues that it is worth thinking about exploring any vehicle that triggers people to take an initiative.

"Luisa, as she is more stubborn than me, has succeeded in convincing", the Cristina Ferreira jokes. "They had to have access to a whole path. It was also a story they liked."

Cristina's final exam was one of Cambridge England (Introductory B1) tests, with five million people enrolled each year, including 17,000 in Portugal. "The tears that came to me when it was told me that I had passed [no teste] according to the feeling of an assault, "he said." When I go on the aircraft, I do not give subtitles any longer. That's the steps I'm going to take. This is to continue. I have not stopped classes. "

"Obviously, there is no alternative to a true course," said Jonathan Munro. "But we hope [o livro] which gives confidence and motivates people. "

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