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Estádio do Dragão is 15 years old. Remember an important 15 seconds here


On November 16, 2003, the fake Luis de Matos came down by the helicopter on the Estádio do Dragão field, and was baptized at a new stadium of FC Porto that succeeded in the old Antas stadium to oversee 50,000 supporters who witnessed the opening were alive. Since then, the tricks have been others, just as hundreds of players have spread out free on the field.

A beautiful party who filled the architect with pride. "If I have to choose a second in these 15 years, I choose the day of the opening. I was the most impressive to me, to see the work already and to be used by the people. It was a very beautiful party, with diversification program, with a culture that won FC Porto y Barcelona (2-0) in the game where Lionel Messi argued. It was a wonderful day for me and I thought about all the portistas. very cold and people complained about the wind and the cold, but in general the comments were very positive, "said DN Manuel Salgado, who is responsible for the Dragon. Since then, 13,149,875 viewers in 373 games have been on stalls and stadiums.

As an architectural work, Dragon has collected his own prizes and titles beyond those who were prosecuted by the football team. He is proud of the FIFA five-star rating and distinguishes himself in areas such as ecology – the Greenlight award for the best European project from the European Commission's Energy Agency in 2003 – recycling – 100R certification by Sociedade Ponto Green, which guarantees 100% waste treatment in 2009 – and even the steel industry – a prize for the best European project of the European Convention for Construction Steelworks 2003. Dragon was the first stadium in the world to Accepting the Quality Assurance and Integrated Environment.

Praise by those who visit her, the work of the architect Manuel Salgado is more than just practical and flexible. Concerts were held by some of the world's biggest bands, such as Rolling Stones in 2006, world car racing events such as Champions, Music festivals, conventions, birthday parties and even marriages. "There's a different stadium of most settings, it has a very different design with an unusual scheme in the stadium. It's been done very carefully, with all places outside the planned benches, bathrooms, corridors, places where people meet before going in. Everyone was considered and it was clear that the architects were happy right, from the day of the opening, without concealing the "pride" about the flexibility of the field.

Having inspired "at the Roman stadium, fathers and all the steps," for Manuel Salgado, proved the "hard land" a great inspiration: "The adjustment to the land was very difficult, which tends to be a rather complex typing. The answer was a continuous circle and two-side benches with a unique cover, so the place was the great inspiration. "

Dragon is the work of a "very big team", according to the author, who does not release compliment to Portista leaders for the way they manage all the operation even at times of distress and competition: "They are made justice, especially Pinto da Costa. He listened to a bit, but when it made it crucial and accurate."

15 years, 15 seconds

Angry on Messi's feast and premium day

The opening of the Dragon Stadium was held on November 16, 2003 in a private match against Barcelona and was trained by Frank Rijkaard, and was also in history for the first time of what is now considered one of best players in soccer history: Lionel Messi. Then Argentina was a young pledge, at the age of 16 and 145 days stepping on the portista. Just for 16 minutes, but Messi's magic started on the pitch on the pitch, when Fernando Navarro replaced the fieldfielder in the 74 minutes. On the other side was FC Porto José Mourinho and names like Vítor Baía, Nuno Espirito Santo, Jorge Costa, Ricardo Carvalho, Maniche, Hugo Almeida and Derlei, and the last two scorers that allowed them to win 2-0. "I have the supreme happiness of feeling that the whole city is happy today, those who live well, those who live in this way, and those who are ; live badly. " Everyone is happy with this day. Others are happy, "said Pinto da Costa at the time, worried about the absence of Prime Minister Barroso and praises the presence of UEFA President Lennart Johansson.

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