Sunday , October 2 2022

Equipment used helps to realize the dreams of chronic illness children


The aim of the campaign, developed by Eco-Partner and Amb3E – the Association of Waste Management in Portuguese, who is managing the Electron network that started in October, is to support the unity projects of the "Terra dos Sonhos" society, 39; n try to realize the dreams of children and young people with chronic, institutional and elderly diseases.

Speaking to the Lusa Madalena D 'Orey or Terra dos Sonhos agency, he explained that every tonne of waste, which is presented to the Eco-Partner and Electron network, will allow private individuals, public companies and private contributing to society.

"This campaign will then help the organization realize the dreams of children, hospitals and shelters of the IPO," he said.

To mark the start of the unity campaign, according to the Eco Partner and Amb3E, six thousand euros will be given to realize five dreams of young people and children.

Companies interested in participating in the campaign must email [email protected] so packaging equipment can be made free of charge by mail through the mail, with Bulky collections are collected at no cost.

According to the organizers, in these electrical ecopoints (computers, tablets, printers / photocopiers, mobile phones, power tools, lamps, air conditioners, among others that need electric current to work), tubular and various lamps and batteries and accumulators, with the exception of some motor vehicles

"When the containers / packaging space exceeds 75% of the capacity, the collection must be requested for the email, which is collected, measured and combined with & # 39; to send me to recycle.

This company calculates the amounts collected in each location and transmits the information to the Electron to allocate the bonus to Land of Dreams.

The aim of the initiative, according to the organizers, is to reach 100 tonnes by October next year.

"Land of Dreams" is a private not-for-profit organization established on June 1, 2007, whose mission is to transform almost impossible dreams of sick and institutional children and young people into reality.

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