Tuesday , May 21 2019
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Chwarae Teg Finance puts Manchester City Champions at risk

Manchester City said it was "disappointed, but unfortunately not surprised by the sudden announcement" that it will have to respond for cutting the Fair Play Financial.

The chief investigator of the club's financial control body referred the case to the body that decided on this type of case and there is a possibility that the British double champion could be outside the European tests.

The recommendation that Yves Leterme has to make is not public, but news in England shows that ManCity can lose the Champions League if the decision is unfavorable to them.

"The information we dropped in the last week shows how the process was led by Mr. Leterme", writes the English club in a statement.

"Manchester City is fully confident of a positive outcome when the matter is dealt with by an independent judicial body," he added.

The City claims that the accusation of financial irregularities is totally false; and that the investigation ignores a set of invisible evidence.

According to English, the conclusions of the investigation include 'errors, misunderstandings and confusion'.

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