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Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death in patients with diabetes


Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death in patients with diabetes
Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death in patients with diabetes. Photo: DR

In the 2017 International Diabetes Federation Atlas, "Portugal represents one of the worst places in Europe," said the endocrinologist Jácome de Castro. A site that should be very present and be a warning when it is said, on November 14, World Diabetes Day.

For the endocrinology, condition diabetes brings many other societies and so it is important to have the message that "beyond the kidney, eye and amputations, heart disease and heart death is one of & # 39; The main enemies are considered in diabetes, because that is why patients die. "

Cardiovascular risk is high among patients with diabetes, leading to cardiovascular diseases "is responsible for more than 50% of deaths", a more serious problem since, in Portugal, "diabetes is still a disease for control."

Am Carlos Aguiar, a cardiologist, "deaths of cardiovascular disease have been declining, which show the benefits of managing risk factors," but despite this "there has been an increase in the number of cases of obesity, a pathway for type diabetes 2 ". The situation leads the cardiologist to say that what is worried about it "is that this increase in obesity and diabetes will cause cardiovascular deaths."

"People tend to look at diabetes as a problem related to eating sweets, but here, what is important is that this is a disease that will lead to life loss. When associated cardiovascular disease, our life expectancy is shortened by eight, nine, on average. If we have diabetes, the connection is very dangerous, which means that life is even shorter, " says the cardiologist.

The importance of diagnosis

Early diagnosis of diabetes-related complications, including cardiovascular complications, is increasingly challenging for medication and patients. Jácome de Castro, in Portugal, stated that the estimated data indicated that around 30% of patients with diabetes had not been diagnosed. "This means that people continue to live without knowing that they have the disease and this time when they are subject to high sugar values ​​destroying your body."

Timing is a big challenge, "where there are very important clinical trials, introducing drugs with new operating mechanisms, new drugs that act at the level of kidney, inflammation, shipwreck, and # 39 ; n influencing the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases that appears to protect the body, "said endocrinology.

Jácome de Castro came to the conclusion: "Therefore, our concern is to act earlier. We can not be satisfied but treat patients with us with complications. We have to be able to stop these complications as much as possible. And in this aspect, the results of recent clinical studies give us in a very interesting time at diabetic clinic level in Portugal and in the world. "

Re-distributing medicines to comply with therapy

"It's a shame that we have medicines that give life back, but the patient will not take it," said Carlos Aguiar. The patient's attitude is a result of "sharing medicines", when the patient is told that the medication that it takes intends to reduce cholesterol, and when doing the analysis, the values ​​have already gone down, so it's legitimate to think that, if successful – actually reduced cholesterol – then you can give it up. "

For the cardiologist, medicines should be called by their name, which means "they have been designed to increase the size and quality of life", so "so it is almost obligatory to re-distribute medicines. "

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