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Bruna Marquezine, with cold, regrets when leaving Portugal: I did not want to leave;


Bruna Marquezine spent days in Portugal and took the opportunity to visit Sintra and meet Ricardo Pereira and his wife, Francisca Pinto. In her Instagram, on Wednesday (21), the actress said she was returning to Brazil: "I did not want to leave, but I would go back to Brazil today, I loved Portugal." The artist also said she had left Europe with a low immune: "I'm cold, sleepy and I'll eat a lot, I'll be slow, I'm slow."

Actors win an award in Portugal: Girl & # 39;

Marquezine traveled to the It Girl award from the Portuguese edition of the "GQ" magazine. On the prize stage, the actor celebrated the victory and said she was involved in social cases: "This is my first time here in Portugal. Honors, a joy to receive this award, fashion, a way of dressing, but also the way of thinking, about what it represents. So on that night, I would like to influence you, or at least try to look kindly for a case that you have win with my heart for more than two years, the shelter. If you want to know the beautiful work done in Brazil, you can go to the IKMR website. "

An artist likes to experiment in fashion: Open open head & # 39;

For the announcement, Marquezine said he does not have a definite style: "I like to create different versions of myself". "My head is open and I like to try a bit of everything," he added. Rita Lazzarotti's stylist explains that she likes sophisticated and personalized merger in the appearance of the famous: "Bruna does not use anything that he does not know." In the past, Marquezine said she was uncertain with her body: ""I like trying different models. When I was very young, I did not accept any model, I said that it would only be good if I was tapped if I could lower my chips. Today, I can prove many things, I can prove what is not clear, which might not be for my body, but I'd feel it good. "

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