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Bloc is no longer afraid of being a Government and even even ministers. Who are they? – Observer


Mariana in Finance, Joana in Education, Soeiro do Trabalho, Moisés na Saúde. The bench coach Pedro Filipe has excluded. But the Block already has a government in its head. "We're not ready."

"We want to win and we're ready to win", said José Soeiro. "We're ready for what is needed, for what is a matter of urgency, we are ready," said José Gusmão. Even the convention slogan, which appears in fat letters on the stage, states: "Now, the left." The Block is not only afraid of governance, but he thinks it's time to do that. The useful vote died after 2015, "peace to your soul". So, the highlight of the bloquistas is the maximum, as Francisco Louçã has been summarized in connection with the animated film Toy Story: now it's infinite and beyond ".

The first day of the Convention was enough to realize that the world has changed in minds and bloques. They are ready to go to government, after the first test with the "frustration". He still knows in what ways. Of course, the BE government would ideally be, if the voters gave this police to Bloco in the surveys, but before the likelihood of not having the party voted (the best result they had was 10,19% in 2015), leave the door open to various other scenarios: everything will depend on "forces correlation".

Also because of this refuse to put slits: "Government participation can be done with a very different electoral framework," said Pedro Filipe Soares in the observer of the Observer when asked about the fact that Francisco Louçã, in last year's interview, had assumed that the BE would go to government there were between 20 and 25% of votes. A year later, nobody was at risk of a percentage of votes – not closing doors. The most similar thing to a bar that can be heard from the bloquistas is the idea that they want "left-wing government with a left wing program". That is, "we would never want to be completely of any government to say that we have a minister, without the pressure to make a difference and without a program to continue making a difference," said Pedro Filipe at the Observer. Here's the mark.

The next step is to know if it's going to government, the Block would have "able people". And no one has doubts. Catarina Martins soon said that BE has already proven that there are people who "know more than many ministers, because they know the problems about life". The next step was to name names. Francisco Louçã had already anticipated, in the beginning of 2017, that "Mariana Mortágua will be a Finance Minister". Pedro Filipe Soares, in an interview with Observer, launched the names of young deputies with potential ministers, or ultimately state secretaries: Mariana in Finance, Joana Mortágua in Education, Moisés Ferreira in Health, Jorge Costa in Energy, Luis Monteiro in Higher Education or José Soeiro at Work. "Indeed, today, the BE prepares ministers," as Francisco Louçã said …

They are all a generation under the one who usually fills the royal cast, and this is not an accident. Pedro Filipe Soares admits that he contrasts some "paternity" that one looks at younger people. The bench coach literally excludes this possible administrative range. "You do not anticipate you. There's a huge personal sacrifice, and I do not believe it's available," said Pedro Filipe Soares on Saturday.

In the crystal ball of Francisco Louçã, there is no doubt: "Mariana Mortágua will be one day Minister for Finance". In order to justify the prophecy, the founder said that "great personalities stand out and stand for themselves … I wrote two books with her because she was a very capable and very economical economist . "

Training is not scarce. Mariana has a degree in Economics from ISCTE and was in London to do his PhD in economics at the Eastern and African School of Studies when he came to Lisbon to be a 27-year-old member. With the debate on state budgets, where the block has won a prominent position since 2016, the most authoritative voice in the parliamentary group of BE in these issues has earned even more volume. She is the Bloco Finance woman.

Mariana Mortágua only spoke about statutes on the first day of the Convention (his political interventions tomorrow), but in the "Mini" interview with Observer, he admitted the block that the Left Bloc wanted to be a Government. "The Block Left has been prepared and people have been prepared to be in government, to make government"Mariana Mortágua said. The block says that the party has learned in the last two years and is" willing "to fulfill all functions, including executive functions"He added:" We have the ability to do that, we have proposals to do, we have the technical ability to do and we want to do it. "

And at an individual level, do you want to be a Finance Minister? "Our project has prepared, I'll be part of it. I really want to be part of a project where we can take the left to the Government. I really want to see a left government in Portugal. I really want to see a Government that can go beyond this Government"He answered.

Mariana does not see integration in ministry or in the Executive as "another step on the political career school"And note that the interesting thing was to see" the Left Block project in every service and not just in Finance. "He did not say, however, if there was a bar in terms of voting to join the Government and he refused to say if the Block would give some folders a requirement to enter the Executive .

At the age of 21, José Soeiro signed green at the theater workshops where he worked. Two years later, at the age of 23, he was already in the Republic's Assembly as a proxy to fight for the end of the shortcomings (and two green receptions). Since then, he has been in the face of the Bloc in this fight. It's been 11 years since you went to Senedd.

At times of "suspension", Soeiro, unexpectedly, indicated the name indicated by the bloquistas for the working group with the Government and the PS for a National Against Compensation Scheme. The sociologist also is the parliamentary group co-ordinator at the Commission and was also at the forefront of negotiating PREVPAP, the Government's program to regulate the situation of incredible workers in the Public Ministry. He specialized in vulnerability and even published a book on "The Fallacy of Entrepreneurship," with a warning: "Entrepreneurship is achieved through Bangladesh, not in Sweden. "

Even if he has a seat in the board, José Soeiro does not give the best to attack the Government because he believes that what has been done in labor matters is inadequate. And he said in this Convention, where he considered that the labor legislation the PS wants to hold is not less than "and a stab highlighting the workers' chest"In a piece of opinion published on Expresso, Soeiro had already circulated changes in labor law as"flop. "

He was one of the most approved on the first day of the Block XI Convention, having brought a number of "symbols" from the BE battle: a plastic piece, as a symbol of the cleaning workers that were on the street fight for better conditions and receive just over three euros; and stone, which is not only a symbol of the quarry workers' fight, but it's a symbol of the work that we have to do inside and you out to parliament under this budget. "

What would José Soeiro's advocates be a problem if the Labor Minister in a Government shared with the PS. Soeiro has highlighted reforms without cuts at 63 years or a restriction of wages for private managers, and the PS bench arrives to the right of the end of September.

Joana Mortágua is the Block Left coordinator in the Education and Science Commission and has this folder in the block block. With the strike around service time the teachers earned even greater prominence, suggesting that the current executive was eager to return to time when these professionals disturbed. "A society that betrayed on education can not interfere with its teacherss, "says Mortágua. He also accuses the government of" arrogance "for not handling the length of service, which wants to start paying as early as 2019.

In the Convention, Joana Mortágua did not want to take a step in which the Block agrees to go to Government: "In this house we do not trust: We do not exchange any European career on For teachers' careers, nurses, we will not leave NHS stronger than a stronger public school. "

And it's asking for more votes: "We have already proved that we can make a difference with 10%, we now have to say that we want many more to not influence, but to decide on government. " That is, the BE wants more strength to govern, but not to govern "in vain." And it is assumed to govern with all the letters: "We want to see a left government with a left wing program."

He reached Parliament in 2015, at the age of 29. For the ordinary citizen he was a perfect stranger. But he quickly realized that he was considered internally as one of the most valuable proxies of Bloco. A proof of this was the fact that he joined the party's delegation to negotiate joint positions with PS soon in warm October. It was at the heart of one of the most important moments in the party's history.

The second event for Moisés Ferreira, considered one of the best cadres prepared by the party, was the area determined by the parliamentary group: Saúde. An expensive theme to the Left Block, which was João Semedo, one of the party's biggest supporters. National Health System Heavily legacy to someone who analyzed the deputies. Prior to his election, he was a parliamentary assistant with the Economics and Finance fields, directly supporting the bench leader Pedro Filipe Soares.

Graduate in Psychology, Moisés Ferreira is knowledgeable in Health. But more than the professional side, it will have pressed to be a figure that's pretty well prepared and documents. It was a bet that was seen, in the empty forces, safely and naturally.

Over the past three years, it has been affected by several cases: from legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes to co-ordinate the impediment to create the new Primary Health Law.

He was a stunning critic of the PS vision of the National Health System. Already, on this Saturday, in the BE convention, the deputy, who is also vice president of the Health Committee in Parliament, again criticized the PS. "Those who defend the law of the Semedo and Arnaut centers, even if the PS does not want, should join the BE. By giving more power to the BE, it will the NHS is being improved efficiently, "he said.

He is the youngest deputy in Parliament and has gone to the history of the Block Left to elect when he is only 22, beat the record of the youngest deputy elected by the BE. This fact soon gave him some mediation.

In the parliamentary group, and for being a student, he was awarded a Higher Education post. One of the cases he was trying to put on the discussion board was the end of tips first. Fighting allowed to make the necessary pressures to reduce the maximum amount of tips for more than 200 euros. On Saturday, in his interference in the convention, Luís Monteiro said that this was a "historic" victory: a shot in the aircraft carrier of the negative side-of-the-counter strategy. Everyone should have access to a high quality public university, "he said." The proposal to reduce tuition fees, contrary to what says the reactive right, added the largest social support measure for all families and for every student who dreams about studying in higher education. "

If one day of Gadaw Gloch can give some of his pictures in the Ministry of Higher Education, he probably would enter the equation of the one that is already in the pole site.

There is one of the party's reactions and facades in the discussions between the Left and the PS Block. He has been clear for recent years and has respect for the other parties. Having graduated in Social Communication, it was in the area of ​​energy that ended up specializing and pointing out. In addition, this is a theme that Left Party has always given it a priority. Catarina Martins, in a report with Observer, said that the Energy area would reach the culmination of BE cases in the next legislature. As the surface of this area is Jorge Costa, it is expected that the culmination will also increase.

Francisco Louçã left the Left Box, with who had already been in the PSR, but with Catarina Martins at the helm, he jumped to the first line of fighting, integrating the delegation of the Left Block that was negotiating & The joint jobs and who have been negotiating the consecutive budgets of this legislature.

He created the tax for renewable energy generation companies, who, although it was hit in the 25th hour in this year's Budget after government's somersault, resumed discussions with the Bloc.

Problem: it does not seem to be around. The possibility of becoming a Government member with the energy portfolio was asked, in the "Mini" interview of Observer, it was clear: "I do not see myself in this role." Although he says he is very ready for any role in the Energy area.

Subject by Rita Dinis, Rui Pedro Antunes to José Pedro Mozos, photo by João Porfírio.

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