Wednesday , December 8 2021

Before a player eats slug and dies eight years later


The challenge is mainly motivated by the challenge. Many people try to perform dangerous sports, find different lifestyles and adrenalin, feel that endorphin is released in the body and live unexpected or unexpected situations to anyone. Action against our nature, against our instinct, is not easy, but even so, those who face any challenge in the name "zoeira", to show that they have the courage or even Even to win a bet. In this article, we would talk a little about a case like this: and it was so dangerous that it cost the life of the brave.

We are talking about the story of Sam Ballard, a former rugby player who was only 28 years old. Last Friday (2) died of illness caused by worms that were relaxing when eating slug during a bet with friends in Australia. The disease was so devastating that he made the boy with a body almost apportioned for eight years! The tragic event, according to the Australian press, occurred when Sam Ballard had a win with friends and realized that there was a slug on the ground.

The young man was 19 at the time and addressed harassment of friends, who suspected the possibility of eating the living thing. He put it in his mouth as he swallowed up the mollusc. At the moment, nothing happened, it's like that the young man started to feel bad because of the slug days later. The first symptoms were pain in the leg: he and the family tried a doctor who gave the first diagnosis as multiple sclerosis, as Ballard's father had suffered from this condition. However, the final diagnosis showed that the former player was suffering from ethenophilic meningitis, one of the diseases caused by malice and snails.


Usually, the disease is not evolving, but in this case, it has been so severe that Australian countries spend more than one year in coma: it was unconscious for 420 days and disappear with paralysis. The funeral of the young man was held on the 8th and in social networking posts, a number of friends and relatives asked acoustic singers and musicians to take part in the Ballard funeral.

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