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Banco de Portugal wants to make sure that the portfolio in its portfolio is true. Do you know how? – The Journal Journal

Are the notes and coins in your wallet valid? This guarantor is one of the main flights of Banco de Portugal, which promotes a number of initiatives:

Training for recognizing false notes and coins

One of the BOP-driven initiatives directly addressed to those dealing with the field is dealt with as a fake: professionals from credit institutions and securities transport companies. In this sense, the National Frauding Center promotes coaching operations on euro cash and coin money maps to explain the techniques to find out whether money and coins are valid. However, training steps are not unique to these groups and there is also free training for students, retailers, traders and other interested parties.

"Banco de Portugal's training concern extends to the general population, which led to a partnership with the GNR, which releases information on euro banknotes to the population," he said. ; r regulator.

Secure the quality of the cash

On the other hand, part of the action plan against counterfeiting includes the analysis, registration and distribution of seized false and counterfeit notes. "A breakdown that is essential for police investigations, helping to identify and prevent mock arresters," says the Bop.

The Carlos-led organization explains in the analysis process, the focus of the separation between real and suspicious money and between notes and coins with no quality. In this way, the money considered is withdrawn from circulation.

To this end, Banco de Portugal verifies the quality of the notes on fast machines, which identifies and separates suspicious or bad notes.

"All bank papers received in the central bank are subject to this process, even those that have already been analyzed by the transport and guarantee processing companies, who also have responsibilities over cash recovery, "explain the Bop. "Even because the Portuguese Bank is the only entity authorized to destroy cashfalls," it's coming to the conclusion. The co-quality quality check process is similar, however, the destruction of coins that are deemed incapable of being made by Mine National Mine Coin.

Supervise entities that work with notes

The responsibility of overseeing activities and assets that work professionally with cash is also responsible for the BdP, such as banks, foreign exchange agencies and transport companies and treatment securities.

"Portugal Bank checks check that these standards are met. After all, the travel of notes and coins in your wallet also goes through these entities," emphasizes central bank.

These inspections can happen personally through BOP teams that travel to the site and the entities involved indirectly by analyzing information collected and data transmitted to the regulator.

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