Monday , August 15 2022

BALL – EMEL admits to oversee the parking of scooters (Lisbon)


President of the Municipal Mobility and Lisbon Parking Company (EMEL) admitted Friday that the company will take part in the answer on the possibility of parking too many scooters, as it has parking supervisory skills.

"As an urban car park, in relation to the parking of these vehicles, or others, we can be available to the borough to be a solution," said EMEL, president Luis Natal Marques.

Since the beginning of the month, Lisbon City Council has demanded that operators turn the capital that Bairro Alto and Alfama Hill should be considered as red zones, where it was impossible to give the best vehicles.

EMEL plans to build 40km of cycle routes in 2019, for a total investment of 3298 million euros.

The creation of the Avenidas Novas-Arroios cycle network (€ 100,000), and the Eastern cycle network (180), the cycle route between Alvalade and Gago Coutinho (200), the cycle axis between Combatentes Avenue and (300), the Alvalade complementary cycling network – Areeiro (850), the Manuel da Maia axle – Afonso Costa (1 million euros) and cycling network projects, valued at 218,000 euros.

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