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Apple's Most iPhone XS Max is for those who want a lot of cell phone – News


The largest screen in history, the most powerful processor and mobile phone with the price price for the company's devices. That's fine. We tried it iPhone XS Max and what can be said is Apple's most powerful phone is great, but not perfect.

The "iPhonão" was released in September and it was a test that Apple surrendered to the big screen. He arrived in Brazil a few weeks ago and prices ranged from R $ 7,999 to R $ 9,999.

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Amazing screen

With the Oled 6.5 inches (2,688 x 1,242 decision) quality, the XS Max reaches the world's largest screen record on a mobile phone sold in Brazil – the major Galaxy Note 9 is " 6.4 inches "only.

Despite this whole screen size, what I liked most was that Apple was able to make the iPhone XS Max the size of the iPhone 8 Plus. So the screen is huge, but the cell phone body is not.

Who likes to use mobile phones with big screens, you will not be scared. The experience of watching movies and play was great. Among all iPhones, XS Max is the one with the best solution.

There's just no time. The use of XS Max on the street, on the subway, by bus or in any public place is daunting. It has a lovely cell cell and a call is over. Can you imagine the accident that is stolen?

Therefore, I can recommend you do not leave home with him without hiring first insurance for the smartphone.

More resistant

Change the topic. The iPhone XS Max is tougher than previous generations – I have not had the men to prove, but Apple is highlighting that. Resistance to litter, water, dust and the same is also improving.

The cell phone body has made of stainless steel and glass. It's comfortable to catch. However, it's pretty heavy.

Best possible performance

In terms of performance, iPhones should not be lost in general. With the iPhone XS Max, I did not have problems with accidents, gagging.

I run a number of applications, left a number of programs open in the background and everything flows easily. Heavy games also run quietly.

The processor used is Aion Bionic, the company's next generation technology. According to Apple, the new iPhones processor (all released this year runs the A12) uses less power and has a higher speed than last generation.

You will not regret the cameras.

The iPhone XS Max has a dual camera on the back of a 12 MP and a top of 7 MPs.

Even some netizens said they seemed to be equal to last year's iPhone X lens set, but Apple was able to improve its photo capture system.

The best part in this topic includes the artificial intelligence technologies the company has been able to develop.

The new iPhone has the technology called "Smart HDR", where the photo system reveals different pictures of one minute capture to create a photo with more detail, detail.

So, photos taken in light environments are much better and it's much harder to get pictures with scary light with smudges.


iPhone XS Max: natural lights taken with the main camera


iPhone XS Max: photo taken in the environment with artificial light


iPhone XS Max: night shot

In addition, "Depth Management" is now now of pictures taken in portrait mode. The user takes a picture and then he can edit and modify the size that he wants the background to be unfocused or not.

Smartphones had already competed by companies that already compete and Apple seems to have decided to follow this trend.


iPhone XS Max – Portable mode with editing depth control

The front camera is just as good as it is and brings the Face_ID and Animojis creation technologies that became famous with iPhone X last year.


iPhone XS Max: camera with selfie with enabled mode to enable


iPhone XS Max: selfie camera with light effect

A battery is a bit frustrating

From all the points that have been said so far, you can see that the iPhone X is great.

But the point that got the most was the battery issue. The cellphone lasts on average full day and in line with the main line currently sold in the market. But I expected more.

See if you agree with logic: an iPhone crash screen, processor and price recorder stops a battery that is equally on competitors. No more. It was frustrating.

But if you like numbers, one of the tests, the iPhone XS Max was able to run a video in order for 7:11 long. Okay, no-one will hardly watch a video without giving the best for a while, but the result gives a battery power base.

Cost-effective is a point to think about

Many people when buying a cell phone give cost-benefit as the main filter in searches, right? So, there is no escape from this topic.

As I have already said, the iPhone XS Max starts to cost R $ 7,999. So, do not fight me, but the answer to the question "Is it worth it?" depending on how much you want to invest in a smartphone.

Model values ​​vary from R $ 7,999 (64 GB), R $ 8,799 (256 GB) to R $ 9,999 (512 GB).

There is no doubt that it is a great cell phone. Rarely crash, you can take great pictures and have technologies that deserve a maximum handheld. But will you need a cell phone so powerful?

Make the reflection and be self-esteem with you.

For a little less, you could buy an iPhone XR, a simpler version, but it has great cameras, the same processor and costs that start at $ 5,199 (see our review of this model).

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