Thursday , July 7 2022

Ali was blocked by Brock Lesnar


There is no need to do a major study to realize that a large part of WWE fans are unhappy with Brock Lesnar's victory in Men's Money In the Bank School Game, check out the comment boxes of PT Wrestling or the various jobs on social networks.

But if the fans felt dissatisfied, how will the fighters who took part in the fight feel and see the victory going to a fighter who didn't even get involved? Throughout this week some rumors have come to the obvious that some of the participants in the bout have been frustrated that the bag has been distributed so easily to Brock Lesnar.

Perhaps one of those fighters was Randy Orton, who was said to have made a lot of effort during the game. Another fighter was Ali, who used the social networks to express his frustration at seeing a Cash suitcase in the Bank "going away" as close to the end of the bout.

The formercrisp weight it was very close to the victory, but Brock Lesnar appeared at the end to "steal" the case from Money In The Bank. On Twitter, Ali posted a short video that had already been released last week where the fighter says he imagined climbing the school and reaching the suitcase almost, but that someone or something would t keep it from winning.

We don't know whether the fighter would already know how the Money of the Men in the Bank School Game would end, but Ali was right. Ali foresaw the future.

But as if that wasn't enough, after a few hours Ali went further. The fighter returned to Twitter to say that we had to see Brock Lesnar's victory on the bright side, as it was the "best wrestling" that the "Beast" made this year.

Strong words by Ali, who had already deserved a good response from their followers and their fans of WWE.

What do you think of this response from Ali to Brock Lesnar wins at Money In The Bank?

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