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Aku no Hana will receive Live Action Film in 2019


On Thursday, the Happinet has announced it produces a adjustment in movie live action o Aku no Hana (Evil Flowers), manga o Shūzō Oshimi, in association with NTT Plate.

Noboru Iguchi (TheThe Machine Girl, Yamishibai: Japanese Spirit Stories, Yamizukan World) make the movie, while Mari Okada (Theanohana, The Anthem of the Heart, Maquia) writes the script. A Phantom Film responsible for producing the movie and other partner, the Kadokawa Daiei Studio, deal with distribution and advertising.

It will be the first movie next year.

Aku no Hana will host Movie Action Live in 2019:

Aku no Hana will receive Live Action Film in 2019

A Vertical manga published in North America and describe history as follows:

The "library mouse" Takao falls in love with Nanako, but he can not express his feelings through words. Instead, he secretly acts as a passion for passion, which creates a huge scandal at his school. A person who knows his real nature and this girl will do anything to eat what Charles Baudelaire hides.

Oshimi-sensei (Inside Mari, Happiness) launched the manga in Aberystwyth Bessatsu Shōnen magazine (Kodansha) in 2009, and finished the series in the magazine edition of June 2014.

The manga inspirationed anime series in 2013 by the Zexcs studio, which was great in viewer viewers to use the technique of rotoscopio.

Aku no Hana Analysis

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