Monday , June 27 2022

A senate government calls for the mass vaccination against rabies that have killed 189 people this year


In a note that the Lusa agency has accessed today, Angolan health authorities also urge citizens to notify veterinary authorities about any abnormal behaviors that can be observed in animals.

According to the document, "the best way to prevent the harm caused by a disease is to avoid getting an animal from an infected animal."

Rabbit is considered a public health problem in Angola, which affects many countries of the country, and because it is a 100% deadly disease, which is at risk of many people's lives, especially Children who are open to aggressive rabbit animals, especially dogs, and that is why the authorities call for a civil society co-operation in their fight and stop them.

In order to fight and prevent this evil, "which complicates everything", local and community leaders and the public are called "to provide adequate destination for animals that pass or & Apparently without owners and raising the awareness of pet breeders, possible vectors of rabies, to meet their obligations effectively. "

According to the health authorities, in case of them, people should thoroughly wash the wound with soap and water and apply alcohol, iodine, mercury or other disinfectant.

"Do not load or transport the wound and immediately after the first procedures, go to the nearest health unit," they appeal.

Speaking to the Lusa news agency last October, the head of the Department of Hygiene and Epidemiological Supervision of the National Public Health Directorate, Eusébio Manuel, said that violence continues to be a problem of concern to the Ministry of Health.

According to the official, the provinces with the greatest causes of the disease are Luanda, Huambo, Bié, Benguela, Uíge a Cuanza Sul.

Angola has been arguing for a number of years with this problem, a deadly fat infection for people, transmitted through arable feed.

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