Friday , May 27 2022

A BOLA – Dolores Silva expects 100 games "do not be the last" (Girls Soccer)


Dolores Silva celebrated its 100th internationalization to Wales on Tuesday against Wales.

"This is the cantar game, but I looked at her as the first. It's always special to represent my country, and the truth is that the percentage is a beautiful number," he said. Atletico Madrid player, admitted she had achieved a "dream" when he got this record with the Quurum team jumper.

"I hope this is not the last game," he said before taking a positive position from the preparation meetings with the US and Wales:

"This was our third test at the moment. I believe that the team is enough to get out of this spot with the victory, but unfortunately we did not get it. We knew They were going to close and hit the ball. We did not have some patience in the last pass and some luck in the two big offers we got. But I'm very happy with this we did.

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