Wednesday , May 25 2022

8 Android apps have been accused of being part of a scam


There are few days when there is no less positive news about Google's mobile operating system or ecosystem. In addition to the malware found in different apps in recent weeks, there is further information that a set of 8 apps is attached to a fraudulent scheme to get money by clicking advertising.

Find out the applications that are associated with this scheme.

There are 8 programs that are presumed to be part of a scam. According to the data, these add to more than 2 billion settings and "sidestep" clicks to win their commissions.

What apps are related to the scam?

Key Master, Security Master, CM Launcher, Kika Allweddell, Battery Doctor, Cheetah Keyboard and CM Locker, which belong to the Chinese Cheetah Mobile company and CM Application File Manager belong to the Kika Tech company and the suspected apps of being part of this "new" scheme.

For example, the Clean Master app has been downloaded over 1 million times. The aim of this app is to clean up the system.

The case is still relatively recent and Google has already deleted the Battery Doctor and CM Locker apps from the app store. On the Cheetah Mobile side, it has already issued a statement saying that there may be such a connection with a third party SDK. Kika Tech has already denied any intention of being part of fraudulent schemes.

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